Saturday, 27 August 2016

REVIEW: BuzzBee Destiny [Simply AWESOME]

I'm very lucky to get my hands on the Destiny. Big thanks to BuzzBee Toys for that!This blaster is simply amazing. Read on to find out more!

Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Singapore Nerf Enthusiast: Takumi

Finally manage to start on this new series which I have been planning to do for quite some time. Singapore Nerf Enthusiast is a series where I feature Nerf enthusiasts located in Singapore on my new channel (do check it out and subscribe!). The first player to get featured is my friend Takumi. Enjoy! 

Friday, 20 May 2016

Review: Nerf Modulus Tri-Strike [3 in 1 goodness!]

The blaster does not come with the P-Mag. 
Recently, I managed to get my hands on the Nerf Modulus Tri-Strike thanks to non other than Gavin Fuzzy Customs.  We first heard about this blaster in January, and I made a speculation post which you can check out right here. I have been looking forward to getting this blaster for a long while, and I'm glad that I can review it now.

The Tri-Strike comes with a front barrel, a stock, and a 10 dart clip.
When all the parts are put together, the blaster fires 3 different type of ammunition- Elite darts, Mega darts, and Rockets.

The Main Body:
The Tri-Strike is a fusion of the Retaliator and Longstrike.
It's a bolt action clip system springer with a barrel and stock attachment piece. 

The bolt of the Tri-Strike is designed differently from the Longstike, Longshot, and Vulcan's. It's smaller, and in my opinion very comfortable. Furthermore, it still enables the blaster to retain it's low profile.
Do note that once the bolts are attached on, they cannot be taken off.

The jam door is located at the top of the blaster, nearer to the front. I have shot the blaster over 200 times and the only jams that occured was due to human error. This blaster slamfires. 

The blaster features a nice grip that has way more rounded edges as compared to the Modulus's grip. I personally like this grip because it's comfortable and fits my hand perfectly. Also, it does not feature excessive 'skeletal design' . The trigger for the Tri-Strike is also pretty comfortable and does not tire the finger that easily.
The only issue I face with the Tri-Strike is the clip release button. The reach for the clip release button is too far, and is very stiff. Perhaps the spring inside is too strong. I often find myself struggling when trying to reload.

Next we'll talk about the rocket launcher. The rocket launcher comes in two parts and can be assembled to form a single blaster. I find this idea very original so thumbs up to the designers at NERF HQ! The blaster splits into two- The stock(pump), and the barrel which can be attached to tactical rails.

The Stock has great ergonomics and is very comfortable.  

The barrel and the stock are connected together by a tube which delivers air from the pump to the barrel. 
Despite this dead space, the blaster still fires reasonably well.
Firing it is really simple- Just extend the stock, and slam it forward. The action of slamming the stock forward will decrease accuracy though.

Last but not least, is the front barrel attachment. Thr front barrel attachment fits on most blasters with the barrel attachment piece. It can hold four Mega darts and has the Smart- AR System.

To fire the blaster, simply push the hamp forward and slam it back. The Mega darts shoot reasonably well and accurate. The handle is quite large, but is comfortable.

All in all I love the Tri-Strike a lot. It is the first blaster that I've bought in a really long time and it definitely makes me want to get back into the Nerf scene again. All three parts of the blaster perform beyond my expectations, especially the main blaster. Ergonomics is on point, except for the clip release switch.  Two giant thumbs up to Nerf, and I hope they come up with more of these "3 in 1" blasters.
I recommend this blaster for anyone who wants a fun blaster with great performance for stock games.

Rate Of Fire:8/10

Personal Rating:9.5/10

Friday, 22 January 2016


You've probably already heard the news about these blasters. Just scrolling through my YouTube subscription feed, I can already find five or more news videos about these blasters,haha.Anyway, I suppose it'd be cool to share my personal thoughts and speculation with you guys. Kudos to  for the images and information which Hasbro has provided them with! :) 


The first blaster we have is the Hyperfine! This blaster reminds me of the Crossfire Bow at first glance. I am totally digging the aesthetics of this blaster. This blaster is said to be the fastest firing fully automatic blaster to date.Remember how we were all wowed when we first saw the Rapidstrike fire? Can't wait to see how this performs!  This blaster has a nice check rest on the shoulder stock. It uses 4 D sized batteries(Hey at least not 6!). It seems like the handle might be too small for users with big hands,but I'm guessing that mine could probably slip in perfectly- my hands aren't big per se. Also, the main trigger, rev trigger, and mag release button are all located near each other, so this is a potential plus point.

Next is the Modulus Tri-Stike blaster. This will be the first spring powered clip system elite length-firing blaster since the Retaliator. Yeah, it's about time.
Years ago,I had a thought that Nerf should come out with attachments that fire different type of rounds. It's satisfying to know that that's now reality! :D

Alright,so this blaster(Or should I say three blasters?) comes in three parts. The stock(and scope), the main body, and the barrel attachment.

Lets start with the shoulder stock and scope first. I'm guessing that the scope is where you reload a foam rocket, and to fire, slam the stock forward. Alternatively, the shoulder stock can be attached to the scope to make a Thunderblast like blaster. Very nice innovation there,Nerf. ;)

Next is the main blaster. Bolt action, just like the Longstrike. I suppose it has a direct plunger. Nothing much to say about this except 'YUSSS CLIP SYSTEM SPRINGER'. 

Last but not least, the barrel. The barrel fires four(?) mega darts. Just slam the grey handle back, like the demolisher, to fire the ammo.

LOTS of innovation in this blaster. Definitely a game changer.

Next up is the Mastodon. This blaster is FAT and holds 24 Mega darts- the highest capacity Mega blaster to date. It is said to be semi automatic and uses 6 D batteries. Thankfully, there's a shoulder strap to ease wielding this blaster. I'm not too keen on this blaster,but perhaps it's because I prefer elite darts


I've never played with a Rivals blaster but this sure looks like a whole lot of fun. Taking advantage of the small sized balls(lol), the designers at NERF have put together a high ammo capacity, badass blaster. This blaster uses 6D batteries and is said to be fully automatic. Aw yeah! If there's one improvement to be made, I would suggest for those rails to made use of. MORE RIVALS ACCESSORIES!

All in all, really excited for the 2016 blasters! Many creative, such innovative, many like! Which is your favourite blaster? Mine is no doubt the Hyperfine. :)

Friday, 25 December 2015

[Review] Nerf Roughcut Custom Leather Holster by Merchant Green Leather Works!

Today we will be taking a look at a custom made leather holster by Merchant Green Leather Works. Lauren,the owner of Merchant Green Leather Works makes awesome custom leather products ranging from Nerf holsters all the way to masks.
I went ahead with a Nerf Roughcut holster since those aren't easy to come by in the market. On top of that,I requested for dart holders and a name plate(which by the way,looks awesome) to be included on the holster. I was then sent an image of a variety of colours and patterns to further customise the holster.After much contemplation because all of them look so good, I chose my holster to be in the colour 'Fox Brown' with Wood Ivy pattern.

When the end product finally arrived, man was I impressed with the worksmanship. Every detail was extremely well done with the exception of one part which I'll talk about later on.

Here's a close up view of the name plate and dart holder. The dart holder holds six darts snuggly,and the size of the dart holders are consistent too.
Here is the flaw which I mentioned in the earlier part of this article. This is the back of the holster which probably no one else except the user(me in this case) will see. There is a cut of about 4cm, but it shouldn't affect the durability of the holster.
Update: This is a natural marking probably made by the person who skinned the cow.

There is a strap and buckle at the upper part of the holster to the secure the roughcut in place. The strap and buckle makes drawing the blaster a whole lot slower. That being said,I did not customise the strap to be a quick release one.As Merchant Green Leather Works does custom work,I'm sure that you can request for a different strap.

Close up shot. As you can see, the details are on point!

The belt holes on the holster are each 6.6cm. So the holster accommodates belts of most sizes.

This is how the holster looks on me. Sweet aye? One think which I would have asked Merchant Green Leather Works,which I didn't, is for an extra strap at the bottom of the holster to be made, so that there will be less swaying of the holster when I'm running.

All in all,I am very impressed with this product. I've mentioned this many times in this post already- the details are soooo on point! The prices of different holsters differ. This one costs around 120SGD. For a *Custom* *Leather* product, I think it's pretty worth the price. This particular holster will be great for cosplaying(imagine a steampunk roughcut in this! :D) and will be a nice touch to your Nerf arsenal. I highly recommend ya'll to check out Merchant Green Leather Works products. Oh yeah, Merry Christmas! :)