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Review:Nerf Rampage(Just Slammin' till the end!)

Hey Awesome Nerfers, I'm baaacckkk!!! Hope ya' missed me XD Well, I've been really busy for the past few weeks because of the Exams, but who cares about them now? They're over! Horray! So yes, that aside,let's get straight into the Rampage review that you've all been waiting for :)
Also,I would like to apologize for the low quality images.If you look at my recent posts(e.g here),the quality of the images I post is A LOT more better...

Every year, during the 9th of September, every year, Nerf/Hasbro would release a new big product. This year, it was the release of the newest big thing, the Elite line. Yes, the Elite line, which features new blasters which can shoot up to 75ft!And I got my hands onto one of the 3 blasters released, the Rampage!

The Rampage is basically a Elite version of the Raider. Just that it shoots further, comes with a slightly nicer paint job,has a 25 dart drum mag instead of a 35 dart drum mag, and comes without a stock.
Yes, we're paying more for a blaster that comes with less things,so is it worth the money to get the Rampage?Read of to find out then!

Out of the box,you'll get the Rampage, a mag-well, a 25 dart drum mag, 25 Elite darts, and an instruction manual.

To get the Rampage all ready to work, you'll need to insert the mag well into the left side of the Rampage. The Elite logo should face in front, and when you've everything lined up properly, just add a lil' force to the mag well, and it's lock in there...well, forever.

Now,for those of you who know nothing about Nerf, you should be glad you came here cause now I'll teach you guys how to insert the drum into the blaster and fire :P. First, you have to prime the slamfire handle backwards(all the way to the end to prevent jams).Then, you insert the drum mag/clip into the mag-well. Once you're done with that, you can either push the slamfire handle forward followed by pulling the trigger, OR you could do slamfire.To slamfire, you basically pull the trigger back and just keep pumping.

Now, enough of the basic stuff, lets get to the aesthetics of the Rampage. The Rampage comes in the Elite scheme, which features a blue colour, with some white stripes as detailing. I must say, without the white stripes, the Rampage wouldn't look as bad as$ as it is now.The Rampage has digital camo too, which is something which you can find almost on every Nerf blaster now a days! And I have also noticed that there's this triangle design which Nerf is trying to bring in, I found it on the new Elite clips, on the Rampage drum, and also saw it on the Hailfire.(not included in picture,sorry!)

Now, the Rampage is getting it's extra boost because of it's internals which it has(direct plunger). I shall not go too much into that as I do not know much about internals,but if you really wanna know more, you can check it out here, at S.O.F.T's blog :)
The Rampage isn't designed very well.Because of the mag-well sticking out at the right side of the blaster, your drum and clips too, will be sticking out on the right side. Now, being a right hander, if I'm taking cover behind a wall, I would have to pop my whole body out, just to get the whole blaster beside the wall. However, if Nerf designed the mag-well to the left side of the blaster, you would be able to take cover, AND have the entire blaster beside the wall.
But this isn't such a bad design though... because the mag-well is at the right side,right handers can remove the drums/clips much easier(the clip release button is on the mag-well). Oh well, nothing can be perfect am I right?
One thing I do not like about the slamfire handle is that it's slides too easily.Yes,sliding easily means there's a better rate of fire,but when I am inserting a clip/drum into the Rampage, the slam fire handle moves forward by itself, so I have to pull it back AGAIN.
Also, the 18 dart clip doesn't go well with the Rampage. A giant flat rectangular piece of plastic popping out just feels awkward...So I would prefer sticking to the drum mag.

All the Elite magazines(except the Retaliator's >.<)
The 25 dart drum mag is Purrrrfect and I love it!It isn't too heavy, holds a considerable amount of darts, and is symmetrical.Well, the symmetrical part is just my opinion, I really love things better off when they're symmetrical, odd shape things just kinda spoils the looks.Also, it looks like the 25 dart drum mag is designed more for blasters which are loaded from the bottom, since the Elite logo is facing sideways in the Rampage,and downwards in a blaster like the Retaliator.

Let's move on to accuracy,shall we? The accuracy for the Rampage is incredible,trust me,it really is.The darts travel really straight, but after 15m or so, they may turn left,or right.I've tested several sights on the Rampage,and a few which works well with the Rampage is the Longstrike's sight,and the Pinpoint sight.

Oh yes, when you are slam firing, accuracy will decrease buy a ton! Basically because your arms just keep moving.So when you're slam firing,you're literally just hoping that the darts just hit your oponent :P

The jam door is located at the right side of the blaster.It's the slide open type,which is my favourite(I really the Recon's and Deploy's jam door).The Jam door is of reasonable size, which makes it kinda easy to clear jams.Now, to open your jam door, simpmly pull pack the slamfire handle.After you do that, you can open the jam door(which should slide open smoothly).To close the jam door,just push the slamfire handle forward,there's no need to manually close it.
Now speaking of jam doors,why not talk about how reliable the Rampage is. The Rampage does not jam much.But should it ever jam,it is usually the users fault.To prevent your blaster from jams,pull back the Slamfire handle to the end,and push it all the way front.(~Tip:have a constant tempo when you're slamfiring,it helps you not to mess up~)

The Rampage's barrel is riffled. So it has rifiling.For those of you who do not know what is rifiling,It's basically twirly and swirly groves which you can find in real guns.It makes accuracy a lot better.But for a Nerf blaster, does rilfing really helps? I can't do a comparison(cause I need a Retaliator's barrel).Some people say it does increase the accuracy for the Rampage, but some say it doesn't,so what do you think? For me,I'm gonna guess that it doesn't really help :P Maybe it's just for show,to make the blaster look cooler :D

Tacti cool enough? Hell yeah!

 The Rampage has a total of 2 tactical rails, and 1 sling point.2 tactical Rails are alright, but it would be nice if Nerf added one to the side of the Rampage,or onto the mag-well(it would look really cool if there's a tact light on the mag-well IMO).For the number of sling points,I think it's way too little.There should be at least 2 sling points for blasters this big.It's really uncomfortable having the whole Rampage to touch your legs where you have a bandolier kit attached to it.And if they had another sling point,I would prefer it to be at the front of the Rampage :)

The Rampage also has a place where you can put your stocks.A Praxis stock would look awesome on the Rampage(especially if it had the Elite paint job), but is a lil' flimsy.The best stock I would recommend on the Rampage, is it's big brother's stock, the Raider's stock! :D I think it's very important to have a solid stock,especially if your blaster is capable of slam fire,which requires lot's of movements to both arms.

So the Rampage has a total of two handles,so mine as well just talk about both of them at the same time :D
Both handles, the main handle, and the slam fire handle, are very comfortable.Both of em' have a good grip,and my hand just won't slip off the slam fire handle.Oh yes,there's also a slot below the main handle,you can store a dart in there.It's a pretty cool idea,but it isn't really useful.
Just a lil' note: The Slam fire handle will move back buy 2cm or so, when you pull the trigger back.This happens BOTH,when primed,and when not.

Conclusion time! I think that the Rampage is worth the buy.Comparing it to the Raider,which does not get good range nor accuracy at all.What's the point of getting a blaster without accuracy and range,right? So yes, the Rampage is a good buy,however I still kinda feel a little short changed D: The least they could do is to give another attachment,be it a shield,stock,or sight.
The rate of fire of the Rampage is just plain madness if you know how to use it well.The Rampage is very accurate, and you know what? I'm giving it a 10/10 for all the categories.But,my personal rating would be a 9.5, I'm taking away 0.5 cause I'm feeling a little short changed.Overall,the Rampage is a good buy,and I'm highly recommending it to you guys!

And now,I shall end the review with another tip,especially for the Rampage users out there: When you're not close to your opponent, use single fire.But when you're really close to your opponent, unleash a ton of darts, slam fire time! :D

Stock range:10/10(45ft-75ft)
Rate Of Fire: 10/10

Personal Rating:9.5/10


  1. Great review! As far as your question about rifling, I know for a fact that it does not help at all. First of all, the "barrel" is wider than a dart, so air just escapes around the dart. Rifling is for real guns that shoot bullets, which are weighted terribly. They NEED rifling to keep the bullet stable. Stefans, when weighted properly, are already stable, so they don't even need rifling! Energy that goes into spin is energy lost for distance. Lastly, after plugging values into the rifling equations, you will find that that amount of rifling needed for a Nerf dart is so miniscule that the dart hits the ground before it even has time to get spinning and stabilize. Hope this makes sense!

    1. Thanks! What you said(type :P) does make a lot of sense :) The rifling still makes the blaster kinda bad-a$s though :P

  2. I like the way you always look on the bright side of stuff and are not biased just for the sake of being biased. Well done!

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