Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Stockade Review(75ft version)

The Stockade is the newest Elite blaster Nerf released.It is advertised to shoot 75ft,and comes with a stunning stock,which made  the entire Nerf Nation go,'Wow!I want THAT stock!'
For me,I wasn't too interested in the Stockade.When the Stockade came out in Singapore,the price really shocked me...it was only a couple of bucks more than a Barricade. I knew I had to get it,to do a review for you guys!So yes,I shall now present to you my Stockade review! :) (Note: I'm reviewing the 75ft version Stockade)

Flywheels and those two plastic piece
For the Stockade to function, you'll need 3'AA' batteries.There is a On/Off switch located below the battery compartment,pull the switch back to On the Stockade,and push it forward to Off it.It's semi-automatic,which means that all you have to do is pull back the trigger for every shot,no priming needed.The Stockade uses brand new flywheels,which are entirely smooth(the Barricade's ones look like...gears...I guess?:P)Also,these flywheels are placed closer to each other.Behind the flywheels(closer to the tip of the darts),are two pieces of plastic.I'm not entirely sure what these two things are for,but I'm guessing that they're to prevent people from putting their fingers into the flywheels.Since this two pieces of plastic has contact with the darts whenever a dart gets shot out ,range should decrease because of friction.
[Another note:Whistlers surprisingly get lesser range than Elites,they jam more often too]
10 dart rotating barrel
How the Stockade functions:
-Flywheels rotates really quickly 
-When you pull a trigger back,a dart pusher located behind the dart pushes the dart forward
-The dart gets caught between the flywheels,and is 'thrown' forward.[Barrel is turned to the right side as this takes place]

An important point that you guys might wanna look out for:If you pull back the trigger halfway,only the barrel will rotate...So pull back your trigger all the way, and then let it go back to it's original position.This will allow you to fire a dart properly,without any jams.

To allow the flywheels to rev up,you'll need to make sure the jam door is fully closed,and that the blaster is On.
Speaking of Jam doors, by side of the jam doors,you'll be able to find a jam door indicator(I think that's what it's called :P)When you're jam door is fully closed,it turns green.And when the jam door is open,it turns orange.The jam door is kinda too small for my fingers,however,the thing I like about this jam door is that it's the 'sliding' type,unlike the Rayven's one,which is a 'pop up' type.

Just behind the Jam door,you'll be able to see a vent.This doesn't really do anything,but it makes the blaster look cool,especially when light is shinning through it! :D
The muzzle of the Stockade looks awfully weird in my opinion,it reminds me of those bubble making machines which I used to play with when I was a kid.Bubble making machine looks + foam darts? Nah...
A point I want to bring up: The Stockade's paint job isn't very well done,especially the white stripes.I'm guessing because Stockades are mass-produced.

The Stockade comes with an awesome built-in 'iron sight'.This sight looks really good,however,doesn't function really well.It's there mainly for aesthetics purpose

The Stockade has one tactical rail,one sling point,and one stock attachment piece.The sling point is located below the handle.Because the Stockade is of pistol size,I do not recommend anyone to use bandolier straps.

Now for the tactical rail...the tactical rail is of reasonable size,however,things like ammo rail takes more strength and time to put on.Pinpoint Sights(*cough* Elite Pinpoint Sights),and Longshot Scopes slide onto the tactical rail almost perfectly!
*Toss Stockade onto bed*Okay,enough of the Stockade,let's move to the part which you all are waiting for.The Stockade's stock! :3 The Stockade stock is just plain awshumness :P It's very solid,feels comfortable,and works really well.It holds a total of 10 darts.
The ENTIRE stock is totally solid,even the dart holders.
If you're using Elite darts or streamline darts,I recommend you guys to reload the stock(that sounds weird @.@) from the bottom to the top.
To attach the stock to the Stockade,you'll have to push the stock forward into the Stockade's stock attachment piece.And to take off the stock,you'll need  to push down the orange switch(seen in the picture).And as you push down that switch,you pull the stock backwards. And tada! The stock is taken off! But wait...why would you want to take of such an awesome stock? ;)

Conclusion time! The stockade is hitting 75ft when angled,and when shot PTG, it's hitting about 40ft with fresh batteries.It looks cool,has a nice paint job,although it could have been much better.It's pretty accurate if you know how to use it properly.The is great,it's now a lot more easier to pull back the trigger.The flywheels are a lot more quieter too!It would make a good side arm,however,it's kinda big.
I would recommend it for short periods of close range combat games.

Stock range:10/10(40ft-75ft)
Rate Of Fire:10/10

Personal Rating:9(plus point for the awesome stock! :D)