Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Review:Hailfire[It's Raining Darts]

Today I'll be reviewing the flagship blaster of the 9/9/12 release,The Hailfire. When I first saw pictures of the Hailfire,I went...'Man! This thing is HUGE.' 
I was gladly surprised when I unboxed the Hailfire .The Hailfire wasn't as big as I thought it would be,and that was,well...good. :)

Right out of the box,you'll get the Hailfire itself, an instruction manual, four elite 6 dart clips, 24 darts,the ammo rack cover(which comes in two halves),and the rotating handle(which also comes in two halves).

There's lots of steps to assemble this blaster,so I won't go into that.However,if you want see how the blaster is assembled,you can check out this video.

As I said just now,the Hailfire comes with 24 darts,and it's maximum capacity is 188.Lemme do some of the calculation for you now... :P
-4 x 6 dart clip =24 Darts
-8 X 6 dart clip = 48 Darts
-4 x 18 dart clip = 72
-8 x 18 dart clip = 144
Moving on...The Hailfire is a flywheel system blaster.For those of you who don't know how a flywheel system blaster work,well,it's really simple.Basically,there's two wheels rotating very quickly. And whenever you pull the trigger backwards,a dart pusher will push a dart forward,into the flywheel.The flywheel will then shoot a dart out of the blaster.
Being a flywheel blaster,the Hailfire runs on batteries.4 'AA' batteries to be exact.This batteries are to be put into the battery tray,which is found at the back of the Hailfire,held in the Hailfire by two Philip head screws.
Remember,this is a flywheel blaster,so it'll be noisy when the flywheels are revving.

 The good thing about the Hailfire,unlike the Barricade and Stockade,is that it has a acceleration trigger.With a pull of the acceleration trigger,the Hailfire's flywheels will rev up.This acceleration trigger is VERY useful.
Why?Simple.When you're in a 'war',you can rev the blaster whenever you want to.This way,you will not blow your cover,AND you will be saving your battery! :D

The [main]trigger pull of this blaster is AWESOME.It's very easy to pull back,making the rate of fire of this thing insane! Also,the acceleration trigger is VERY reactive. ^^
Many people had mixed feelings about whether to put on the ammo rack cover,or not to.
I ended up putting the ammo rack cover onto my Hailfire.
I have to admit,it kinda suck.Putting the ammo rack on the Hailfire makes your reloading speed slower...a lot slower.The ammo rack cover blocks your view when you're reloading,so when you have the cover on,you'll most likely have to flip the Hailfire upside down,to reload it.
But without the cover,you can reload the Hailfire without flipping it upside down,since nothing is obstructing your view.
So all in all,I think it's better to just take off the ammo rack cover.
See that numb? That's the thing which holds the clip into place.
I forgot to mention at the start of the review *Me Fail :P* that the Hailfire can hold a maximum of 8 clips, or 4 drums.
The clips are all placed in the ammo rack.Which rotates clock wise.You can either rotate the rack manually with your hands,or you could always pull the rotating handle back,which rotates the rack.
I think this rotating rack is a very unique,solid, and interesting idea.

The Hailfire has two tactical rails.One on top of the Hailfire,and the other,below the barrel.I think the bottom one is only useful for the usage of a bipod/assault grip.And as for the top tactical rail,the only useful accessory to put on there would be an ammo rail,IMO.

The Hailfire's jam door is CLEAR! Yes! Clear! This is sick.This means that you don't have to open the jam door,just to check if there's a jam.All you have to do is peep into the jam door,and you're done!
Right beside the jam door,you'll be able to find two sling points.The third sling point is at the bottom of the handle. Speaking of handles,the Hailfire's handle is pretty big.Good for users with larger hands,and bad for users with smaller hands.

 The clips the Hailfire comes with are half 'clear',and half opaque.They hold 6 darts each(however,you can squeeze 7 in there).The darts which comes with the Hailfire are,well,Elite darts(obviously XD ). This elite darts work a lot better than streamlines in flywheel system blasters(IMO).

 You can carry the Hailfire in two ways.One,like most blaster(at shoulder height), or two,like a vulcan(near your waist)!So which is your favourite style? Mine would be the usual way to carry most blasters(at shoulder height).
 Conclusion: I think the Hailfire is a pretty cool blaster.I like the idea of the ammo rack,since you only need to push the rotating handle forward to swope clips.It can carry A TON of darts(but according to some other reviews,with 8 18 dart clips in your blaster,there will be some problems with your ammo rack).
The Hailfire has a crazy ROF,shooting more than 6 darts per second.However,if your clips do not line up correctly with the flywheels,jams do occur.
This blaster Isn't accurate as the Rampage,but it's accuracy still acceptable.

I highly recommend this for stock wars/lightly modified wars.

Range:10/10 (45ft-75ft) Check Out RandomShadow09's range test
Rate Of Fire:10/10

Personal Rating: 8/10

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  1. ....Still not convinced to get it. Besides capacity, it doesn't seem particularly appealing to me.