Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Review: Elite Firestrike [Single Shot Beast]

The blaster I'll be reviewing today is the Elite Firestrike.
DID YOU KNOW:L Previously,before the Elite line started,there was another blaster called the 'Firestrike' too!This blaster was from the dart tag line.It was basically a repaint of the Nitefinder,and it came in two colours: Blue and Red.

This blaster comes by itself, along with 3 Elite darts and an instruction manual.

Not in darkness
In Darkness
The Elite Firestrike is an improved Nitefinder. It's getting more range,and in my opinion(and I think many of you agree), has an improved 'light system'.
This new 'light system' enables you to have full control of on-ing and offing the light.Now,there is a small trigger on the handle,which looks somewhat similar to the acceleration trigger you can find on the newer flywheel blasters.With a press of this tiny trigger,the light will on.Do note that this trigger feels a little stiff when you're trying to press it.

Now that I have talked about the secondary trigger,I'll now talk about the primary one(main trigger).This trigger is pretty sensitive.You just have to pull in back a little bit,and it shoot a dart.Also,this trigger has an interesting design...as you can see in the picture above.
The Firestrike is a single shot blaster.With a draw of the plunger rod,and the pull of the trigger,you'll be able to shoot one dart.When the blaster shoots a dart out,it will make this 'pop!' sound.I really like this sound.It somehow makes the blaster feel a little more solid.

If you put the Elite Firestrike next to the Nitefinder,you'll notice that it's actually smaller than the Nitefinder.Although it's smaller,there's this extra plastic at the bottom of the handle.This extra pleastic makes the handle bigger.Making it more 'larger hand users friendly'.
Even for hands of my size,the handle is VERY comfortable.

The draw length of the Firestrike is pretty short.I would say about 3-6 cm.By the way,if you don't know...the Firestrike uses the Direct Plunger system(which explains why it gets such good range).If I ever post the internals of the Elite Firestrike,I'll post it here.

The Firestrike doesn't come with any accessories.But it does come with a tactical rail(I think almost all blasters have tactical rails :P ).So on the tactical rail,you can put things on like the Elite Pinpoint Sight and the ammo rail[Which,IMO,is really useful].

Time to bring this review to an end.But before that,conclusion,of course.I think this is a great blaster.It holds only 3 darts,but the problem can be easily solved by attaching an Ammo Rail to the tactical rail. The ranges the Firestrike is getting is inane for a stock blaster.The blaster feels comfortable in my hands,so I can have a good grip of it when in a Nerf 'war'.
Overall,I'm more than pleased with this blaster.I highly recommend this blasters for stock wars/lightly modified wars.
Do check out my video review of this blaster right here.

Range:10/10 [65ft PTG]
Rate Of Fire:6/10 (Single Shot Blaster)
Total: 7.75/10

Personal Raiting: 10/10 [I REALLY LOVE THIS BLASTER!!!!!]


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