Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Review: Elite Stryfe [Talk About Being Tacti-Cool]

The blaster I'll be reviewing today is the Stryfe.The first time all of us  got news about the Stryfe was last year.And all we knew was that it was semi automatic.I was really looking forward to getting the Stryfe,and I am not disappointed at all.
The Stryfe comes with itself,a clip,six Elite darts,and an instruction manual.

The Stryfe came packed differently from most of the blaster.It was packed like the Praxis.Anyway,on to the review...
The Stryfe is a semi automatic flyweel blaster.It runs on 4AA batteries,which must be inserted into the battery compartment found on the right side of blaster.Yeah,no fancy battery tray this time.
A flywheel system blaster is basically a blaster which uses two wheels running at a fast speed to launch darts out of the blaster,as seen as the picture above.

Just for your information,there is rifling in the Stryfe's barrel.It doesn't work though,just there for aesthetic purposes. 
Speaking of aesthetics,the Stryfe is aesthetically appealing to me. It's paint job is appears to be really nice,with a white stripe painted across both sides of the blaster.If you haven't noticed yet,this white stripe design can be found on almost all the elite blasters[I find it nice,and I like it a lot].
The blaster is very thin and flat,making it sleek.It reminds me of the... SPECTRE! :D
The Stryfe is probably one of the most tacti-cool blasters I've seen out there.For a blaster this small,two tactical rails,a stock attachment point, AND a barrel attachment point is more than enough...SWEET.
Barrels such as the Recon barrel,Retaliator Barrel,and the Spectre barrel fit on to the Stryfe flawlessly.
However,we have an issue here.Other barrels like the Longstrike are too loose.They can be easily taken off by accident effortlessly.

Stocks are great accessories.They don't only work well,but some of them function well too,and help you to play better during a game.I would recommend putting a Stockade stock or a Retaliator stock on to your Stryfe,to help you with your stability.

The stockade has two sling points.One at the bottom of the handle,and one at the front of the blaster,nearest to the muzzle area.This sling points are meant for putting bandoiler kits/straps on.
I feel that a bandolier strap is necessary on the Stryfe,for switching from your primary blaster to your secondary blaster.

I know the Stryfe have been known for some ROF problems and clip feeding problems when it was first released.My unit however,seems to be completely fine.It's ROF is decent,about 3 darts per second,and is able to use all clips.
The only problem I face is the annoying locks which are inside the Stryfe!

Should your Stryfe ever jam,you can take a peep inside your blaster to see what's the problem by opening up the jam door. The jam door area is too small in my opinion,and is a hassle to get your jammed dart out of the blaster.
The next problem that I have faced with the jam door is that it's too close to the tactical rail,blocking the path of the accessories that you've put on.Due to the space between the jam door and tactical rail,you will need to use extra force when taking off an accessory.This might cause your accessory to be scratched.
The Stryfe is very compact,I like it a lot.It's handle fits my hand perfectly.It has an acceleration trigger which revs up the flywheels,and a main trigger which pushes a dart into the flywheel when pulled back. If you noticed,at the magwell,there is an orange button which somewhat resembles the acceleration trigger.That...well,is not an acceleration trigger.In fact,it's not even a trigger.That is the clip release button.The designers who designed the blasters did a really good job in positioning this button.
Releasing the clip is so much easier now.You can either release it like in the picture above; or just use your middle finger(I know what you're thinking... ._.) to push it.Quick and simple,perfect!

Just for your information,there are some holes in the magwell area.I like this design quite a bit as IMO,it looks kinda cooler.However,if you look closely,the plastic doesn't seem as strong(I'm not sure if it really isn't strong though!).
Talk about being tacti-cool..
As usual,I'll do my final conclusion. I think the Stryfe is a seriously tacti-cool blaster.It is priced at 50 Singapore Dollars.In my opinion,that's just over priced.Perhaps a stock/barrel/some accessories, then only might I say 'it is worth it'.
If the Stryfe is priced at 35 Singapore dollars,it's definitely worth the buy. Firstly,it a clip system blaster,which means you have advantage over non-clip system users. It's  'tacti-coolness' level is just too high! :P There are just so many accessory combos you can do on this blaster.
It is getting the normal ranges for an elite blaster,which is around 45ft-55ft parallel to the ground.Do note that you will not achieve that much range if your batteries are not fresh.Also,as long as you 'spam' the blaster,your range will decrease as the flywheels do not have enough time to spin back to it's original speed.
I think that the accuracy is pretty good,not that bad for a flywheel blaster.Also,it's rate of fire isn't as bad as I expected it to be.From a test I did,I emptied a 25 Dart drum mag in 7 seconds.Which is about 3.6 darts per second. 
So overall,I think the Stryfe is a great blaster.I do not regret buying this,besides the fact that it's kinda over priced.I definitely recommend this to everyone,if you can get it at a good price.

Stock Range:10/10 (45ft-75ft) [Check Out RandomShadow09's Range Test!](He's results defer from mine a little though)



Rate Of Fire:10/10

Total: 9.75

Personal Rating:8.5/10

'Behind the scene' of me testing the ROF of the Stryfe


  1. Pretty thorough testing there. This always seemed like everyone's dream pistol. Sorta like Nerf making a clip fed barricade...

  2. Took out locks and added lots of accessories.