Friday, 28 June 2013

Nerf Powerplay 2013 Tournament Pictures Part 2/2

Alright guys,this is part 2(the awesome part) of the pictures I took at the Nerf Powerplay 2013 Tournament on the 23rd of June,organized by Hasbro Singapore. I was invited to be part of the media,and managed to take a ton of pictures including some videos.My apologies-All this pictures were taken with my sister's DLSR camera,and I had no idea how to take good photos with :( So many of the pictures which I took didn't come out well. 
Check out part 1 here.

So why is part 2 so awesome? Cause I've got pictures of the Ah Boys To Men crew!I managed to take a picture with Tosh(not gonna post that picture :P) I also got the autographs of Noah,Wei Liang,Tosh,and Maxi.

I would like to congratulate S16 on their win! :D

Thank you ABTM crew for attending the event,and thank you Hasbro Singapore for organizing this event.

Note:Please credit all images to ' ' if you want to use them.

Just when you're gonna say this is me, it is NOT ;)

Tosh signing a Dart Tag Dart for one of the Nerf Sg members! :P

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