Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Review:ELITE Strongarm,Triad, Reflex, Jolt [Four times the awesomeness-Quadview]

Welcome to my 100th post on Awesomely Nerf! Honestly,I didn't know this was the 100th post :P Anyway,today I'll be trying something new! I'll be doing a Quadview(4 in 1 Review)! Featuring four sidearm sized blasters- Strongarm,Triad,Reflex,and Jolt.

First up on the chopping board,I'm introducing to you,the Elite Strongarm!The Elite Strongarm is essentially a buffed up maverick.It's been improved in many ways,but still has room for improvement.
Along with the Strongarm,you'll get 6 Elite darts.

The Strongarm has a rotating turret which can hold up to 6 darts.To load the blaster,you'll need to press an orange button as pictured above.Once you've done that,the barrel will pop out.You then load your darts into the dart chambers,and snap the turret back into place.
Here's the first improvement-the turret. You'll be able to load darts much quicker and smoother because the turret mechanism has been re-done. ( So PLUS point! )

Moving on to the next part of blaster-the priming handle.The priming handle,too,has been improved.It is bigger now,which is advantageous for users with larger hands.Also,the irritating tactical rail which used to be on the maverick,has been relocated on to the main body of the blaster.At the back of the priming handle,there's a slit which reveals a tiny bit of the Strongarm's internals.This is a priming indicator.So whenever the Strongarm is primed,it'll turn orange.Overall,I think the new priming handle feels good for me.
Just for your information,the Strongarm has only one AR now.The Maverick had 6.

The grip area is now bigger,with a little nub at bottom of it.Again,this is improvement is more for the users with larger hands.
The trigger is now really sensitive,so just by pulling it back a little,the catch will go off,and your dart will...well...fly.

The Strongarm has 2 sling points,and one tactical rail.Nothing to complaint about.
All in all,the Strongarm is a great buffed up Maverick.It has Slamfire(totally forgotten to mention that above).It is easy to prime and shoots far like all the elite blasters do.However,in my opinion,the Strongarm is a little over sized  This blaster is great,both performance wise,and aesthetics wise.

Stock Range:10/10 (45-75ft)
Accuracy: 9/10
Capacity: 8/10

Rate Of Fire: 10/10
Total: 9.25

Personal Rating: 9/10

Next up,we have the Triad Ex-3.The Triad Ex is what I like to call,a SUPER JOLT.It is seriously a beast.
Out of the *small* packaging,you'll get the Triad with 3 darts.

The Triad holds 3 darts,as it's name suggests. It has 3 dart chambers.The Triad has a smart AR system,just like the Rough Cut.This AR system is used to detect which dart is in the chamber.
So if you only have one dart,the AR will detect which chamber the dart is in,and then releases the air to that chamber.

Priming the Triad is simple as ABC.Just pull the priming bar downwards,and vulala-the Triad is primed.The way Nerf designed the priming bar is really sweet.It's designed to look like a 'T'.So you just put two fingers in between the 'T',and pull the bar down.
I prefer to keep it stock this way,however,there are quite a number of people who mod the priming bar.
I know this isn't a 'Triad VS Jolt' post...but I think I need to bring up some points about the differences between the Jolt and Triad.
Above are three pictures-the jolt on the right side,and the Triad on the left.
Although the Triad's prime is larger,the priming bar seems to be weaker that then jolt. The plastic,IMO,feels weaker than the jolt,and is more hollow too.

The priming bar isn't fit into place nicely,but instead,rattles when you shake it.
The main handle of the Triad fits my hand perfectly.Not too big,nor too small.No complaints here.
Just as I was about to talk about how perfect the paint job was,I got proven wrong.Alright...maybe I'm just a picky,but still...
Everything was well painted.But if you flip the Triad over,the Triad's 'Name plate' isn't painted at all-leaving it really raw and ugly.Anyway, that's just my 2 cents.

The trigger is exactly like the Jolt's trigger- tiny and not sensitive.Nerf NEEDS to work on a new trigger for the Jolt and Triad.
Overall,I LOVE the Triad.It's on par with my other favorite sidearm sized blaster, the Firestrike. This blaster is really cool,especially with the new smart AR system.Nothing much to say about this other than 'Super Jolt' 

Stock Range: 10/10 (45ft-75ft)

Rate Of Fire:8/10

Personal Rating: 10/10 AWWWW YEAH!

Next up we have the 'Elite' jolt.The 'Elite' jolt isn't really Elite.It's just a normal jolt,with a new paint job,with extra plastic at the barrel.
Here's the original jolt lying next to the new 'Elite' jolt.
The jolt still vacuum loads,but it doesn't get the awesome seal which the original jolt has.
Nothing much to talk about the 'Elite' jolt.If you want a more in depth review of this just check out my original jolt review.Personally,I feel that the 'elite jolt' is worse off than the original jolt.The paint job appears to be done in a rush,and as I already stated above,it doesn't get the awesome seal.Overall,I'm pretty disappointed with this blaster.I rather you guys get the original jolt! :D

Stock range:10/10  (45ft-50ft)

Rate Of Fire:3/10


Personal rating:7/10 

Finally,we're getting close to ending this review! The FINAL blaster I'll be reviewing in this quadview, is none other than the 'Elite' Reflex!
The Elite reflex does not get the elite range,however,does have a new shell and a pretty nice revamped paint job.
Along with the blaster,you'll get two elite darts.

The Reflex is a single shot blaster.It has one dart chamber at the front.Simply put a dart inside,and you're ready to go! 

As you can see,it's still a N-strike blaster.But has the Elite PAINT JOB.

Once you prime the blaster,a long orange piece will pop out from the back.This is good because it acts as a priming indicator :D
It also has one tactical rail.It is located ON the priming handle.This is a problem because if you put anything on the tactical rail,you will have difficulties priming the blaster.

The priming handle fits my hand alright.And it has lots of friction lines on it.So yeah,thumbs up! :D
The reflex is a TINY blaster.Like...super tiny!As you can see from the picture above,I only can rest one finger on the handle! I find this very irritating .Nerf/Hasbro should re-design the handle.
The Reflex has a sling point too.
Overall,I think the 'Elite Reflex' is a pretty average blaster.Nothing special about it.It's just a repainted N-strike blaster getting normal 'N-strike ranges'.Do I recommend it? I would say no,unless you want it just for the looks.

Stock range:7 (25ft-35ft)
Rate Of Fire:4/10


Personal rating:6/10 

I hope you enjoyed reading this quadview.It took me quite a while to whip up this post,but here's the results! :) Overall,I'll recommend only the Strongarm and Triad.And for the Reflex and Jolt,that's a no go.
Next time,we're reviewing the ARCTIC SHOCK! :D

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  1. Personally, I'll probably dual wield the reflex

    1. how do you do that? i mean, dual wield single shots isn't a good idea. you must reload everyshot. Dual wield triad is BETTER.