Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Tek Recon Add On Campaign+ Hammer Shot Demo Video!

Our friends at Tek Recon ended their Kickstarted campaign approximately a month ago.However,not everybody managed to pledge on time.So here's your second chance! Tek Recon is having an Add On Campaign.Everyone can take part-whether you're already a backer,or a not. Here's their post about this...

Hey TRibe!

We know that many of your were disappointed when you couldn’t pledge for multiple tiers on our KickStarter campaign. We also have heard there are some people found out about our campaign after the deadline passed. We’ve had such a positive response from the Tek Recon community that we wanted to find a solution to bring more Tek Recon to the TRibe!
We are happy to announce that we will be doing a very special ADD-ON campaign!
This is the opportunity to purchase additional Tek Recon products without the limitations of a Pledge Tier. You can pick what products you’d like to have shipped to you and we’ll make it happen. Limited quantities are available so make sure to get in on this ASAP. All product is subject to availability at the time of order. Campaign ends July 31st, 2013 midnight EST.
We will be offering the following:
HammerHeads ($25 each)
Havoks ($40 each)
Battle Packs ($50 each)
Packs of 25 NRG ($5 each)
Exploding Targets ($10 for a pack of 3)
Tek Recon Flags ($10 for a pack of 2)
Hammer Head Replacement magazines with 25 NRG rounds ($15 each)
Havok Replacement Cartridges with 72 NRG rounds ($20 each)
Send us an e-mail at tekreconcommand@gmail.com and let us know the following:
→KickStarter Backer Name (if applicable)
→Product(s) you’d like
→Shipping Information
We will send you an invoice via paypal once we receive your e-mail order. Once you pay that invoice we will send you a confirmation e-mail to let you know that we’ll be shipping your order once it’s ready!
US & Canada: FREE!
International KickStarter Backers: FREE shipping on NRG, Targets, Flags, Cartridges.    $15 shipping for blasters.
New International Backers: $15 shipping & handling for all products.I
f you have any questions about this new campaign just send us a message or an e-mail! Thanks so much for supporting the Tek Recon TRibe! "
Check out the video here

Also,Tek Recon posted a video demo on how the Hammer Head works when using the rapid fire mode.In the rapid fire mode,you're trading range for rate of fire. And as you can see in the video,the recoil on the blaster is very obviously.This is sweeeeet!
  From what I'm seeing in the videos that Tek Recon have uploaded,I haven't really spot any potential problems except that the recoil of the pump grip may get in my way when I'm aiming. But truth be told,I can't comment about this until I get the blasters in my possession.Can't wait to get my hands on their products!

So I'll leave you guys with the 'big question' for this post: What are your thoughts on Tek Recon?

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