Monday, 2 September 2013

Review:Rebelle Pink Crush

Update: This will be my last review until my exams are over.I'll have lots of things planned for after the exams,so don't go away.
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Hello Awesome Nerfers! Today's review will be on the newly released Pink Crush. Recently,Nerf have been focusing on paint schemes a lot-I'm guessing it's a new market strategy.  
  • The Vortex line has dumped it's old green paint scheme,and is now back with a white + secondary colour paint scheme.  
  • The Rebelle line is a line of brand new blasters designed for the female market.
  • The Zombie Strike line is another line of Nerf products. I believe their designed for the male market.
  • Sonic Ice? These Sonic Ice blasters will be on shelves for a limited time only. I think.
The Pink Crush is one of the few blasters released in the Rebelle line. Though the Rebelle line is targeted for females,let me get this straight. I FREAKING LOVE THE PAINT JOB.
The blaster is packed in a nice box,along with a instruction manual,the bow arm,and 4 Rebelle darts. Two of which are Purple,and the other two being black.

 Attaching the bow arms to the blaster is optional.*Cough* There's a white stick in the middle of the bow arms,where you insert it into the front of the Pink Crush. *Giggles*
Okay,back to le serious mode.Though the bow arm is detachable, I got to admit, I hate it. The bow arms doesn't click into place. Even when you push in all the way in,eventually,it will slide out and become lose. I can see myself using this in a battle,and having the entire bow arm to just slip right out.Also,the bow arm makes the blaster quite bulky and not compact. I think I'm good without the bow arm.

 The blaster does not come with any tactical rail accessories,however,it does have one tactical rail. Suggestions for accessories you might want to attach would be the Rebelle Mission App Mount and the Heart Breaker Bow's dart holder.
 The blaster is primed easily with a pull of the plunger rod. In my opinion, the plunger rod feels a little weak,and tends to bend easily.Nonetheless,it still feels comfortable to pull.
However,one thing which irks me is the way it looks. For some reason,it just reminds me of a pacifier,haha! 

 The texture of the handle feels awesome.Simply awesome. It has a matte finish to it. The handle feels a little too small for me though. So I'm going to guess people with larger hands are going to find this blaster too small for their liking.
 At the bottom of the handle is a round hole which is also known as a sling point. This comes in useful if you don't have a holster to hold your blaster during a battle. You can attach a carabiner to the blaster and hook it to your pants instead.Or alternatively,a bandolier strap.
 The trigger of the Pink Crush is one which I've never seen before. It's amazingly smooth and sensitive. It's also one solid trigger,without any holes in it. 

 I forgot to mention earlier that the bow arms actually hold darts! Six to be exact. So the blaster can hold 7 darts in total (one in the dart chamber). This is cool,but not practical. With a/an (accidental) swipe of the hand,the darts can be knocked off the blaster with ease.

 The Pink Crush is frequently compared to the Firestrike and Nitefinder. So the big question is: Is it better?
In my opinion, the Pink Crush and Firestrike are more or less on par with each other. Both of them excel better in certain categories. But because this is not a comparison write up,I will not compare them in detail.
Anyway, In my opinion, the Pink Crush beats the Nitefinder hands down. 

Pink Crush POV
Rebelle Dart Comparison to other darts

In a nut shell,if there's one word for me to describe the Pink Crush, it would be: ' Amazing '. This blaster did not fail to impress me. It is dead accurate and looks damn purrrrfect(lol). I love the detailing on the blaster. Rate of fire really depends on yourself. I am able to fire the blaster about once every 2-3 seconds. It's effective range is consistently hitting +-57ft parallel to the ground. Despite how much I hate the bow arm,I still strongly recommend getting blaster-anyway,you can always detach the bow arm,right? :)

Stock Range:10/10 (57ft-65ft PTG)
Capacity: 7.5/10
Rate Of Fire: 6/10

Personal Rating: 9/10 


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