Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Review: Tek Recon Havok

Hey guys,I'll be reviewing the Tek Recon Havok in this post. Big thank you to Tek Recon for sending this sample over, much appreciated :)
Alright, so the Havok retails in Singapore for 69.90 SGD. There's quite a number of items in the box.Here they are:
  • Havok
  • Havok Stock
  • Havok Magazine
  • 36 NRG Rounds
  • 2 x '1' rubber padding
  • 2 x '2' rubber padding
  • 2 x '3' rubber padding
  • Handphone mount
  • Target Cut Out

NRG Rounds

The Tek Recon blasters uses NRG Rounds. If you haven't already noticed, NRG actually sounds like 'energy', which I believe was intentional. So what does the acronym 'NRG' stands for?  
N-No mess
G-Game safe

So how true is this? 
Well, I feel that the rounds aren't entirely mess free. They contain a thin layer of powder on their exterior. So whatever things(hands,magazine,blaster,etc) which have contact with the rounds will have powder over them too. But other than that, the rounds are rather mess free- at least they do not explode and cause a mess :)

These rounds are definitely reusable. So far,all my rounds are still in perfect condition(except one which I broke on purpose while testing how much they can stretch). I believe these rounds can stretch a few hundred or even thousand times.

The NRG rounds are soft and are made out of rubber. They should be safe unless you get shot in the eye, so wear some safety gear when having a battle.
When you open your Havok's box, you'll get a packet containing some NRG rounds, rubber paddings  and the handphone mount. Let's put the NRG rounds aside and go more in-depth into the handphone mount and rubber paddings. First up, the hand phone mount. 

The handphone mount is a black piece of plastic which you can attach to your blaster. It's fairly simple to do so.Anyway, once you have that piece attached to your blaster, you then can mount your device on it. To adjust the height of the mount to accommodate your phone's width, you have to squeeze the top 'flap' of the handphone mount and adjust it to the correct height.
The plastic used to make the mount isn't the sturdiest nor the most rigid, but it does it's job done. So not much complaints.

Moving on-the rubber paddings. The rubber paddings come in pairs. And there are 3 sets, each of different thickness. If your phone is thicker, use the thinner paddings (set '1'), or even none. And if your phone is super thin, you might want to use the thickest paddings (set '3'). Test out all 3 paddings to see would fit your phone best :)

The Havok comes with a cardboard target cut out. Yeah, the cut out, WITHOUT the base and the black plastic thingy. I see no point including this cupboard cutout if it doesn't even stand on it's own. It would be great if the base and black plastic thingy(I don't know what is it called :P ) is included.
Now on to the main part of the review. The Havok. The Havok is split into 3 major parts : Main blaster, Stock, Magazine. I'll start of with the Magazine, or 'Cartridge' like how Tek Recon calls it.
The Magazine
Currently  the only blaster which can use this magazine is the Havok itself, thus does not make it 'universal'. In my opinion, it would be better if Tek Recon can 'standardize' the magazines in all the blasters, and make them universal and interchangeable.
The Havok magazine can hold 72 rounds in total. 36 rounds on each side. When you load your NRG rounds in the magazine, the internal clip will move down,slowing down the reloading speed and making it a whole lot more difficult to reload. HOWEVER, there is a way to solve this problem. You can squeeze the tabs(magazine release button) and load the NRG rounds. The internal clip will not move down ,and would make reloading a whole lot easier :) [Credits to Brad Pedersen for giving the tip on my Tek Recon Ammo Pack review]

Do note that you'll have to press both tabs to enable the magazine to come out. Also, just for your information, the magazine slides in and out VERY smoothly,and I love it. So big ups to Tek Recon on that!  

The Stock
The Havok comes with a collapsible stock,which in my opinion, is one of the best toy blaster stocks.There are really nice details added to the stock, which I'll talk more about in detail in a few moments.

Anyway, like I mentioned in the above paragraph, this stock is collapsible.So that means you have control of the length of your stock. To extend the stock, you just pull it backwards. And to make it collapse, you press the lil' black button underneath it and push it forward. 
The stock is easily attached to the blaster, but is a pain to get out. You'll have to use quite a considerable amount of force and strength to press on the light green part of the Havok while pulling the stock away in the opposite direction.And may I just point out how much I hate that light green on the Havok :x
There...my favourite part of the stock. The back of the stock is actually padded with rubber! How cool is that! I find it incredibly comfortable to shoulder the blaster using this stock. The rubber padding just make things so much cooler and comfortable :P +1 !
So overall, I find the stock really awesome. It's almost flawless. And by the way, it has a sling point. Sooooo +1 again! 

The Main Blaster

Now on to the main blaster- the Havok itself. It has a nice metallic green paint job with black stripes.The Havok has a picatinny rail which also acts as a handle(but you can barely fit your hand in there. And even if you could, it'd hurt). The plastic picatinny rail feels weak and the plastic can flex left and right. Besides that particular chunk of plastic, the other parts of the Havok feels solid  and strong.

The handle of the Havok is quite big. However, despite it's size, I still have a good grip of the handle. In fact it feels rather. The trigger pull on the other hand is too long.I have to stretch almost my entire index finger to have a firm grip  on it. Even then my finger slides off from time to time. It's also very difficult to pull the trigger back when there's an NRG round inside the blaster. But that's explainable as by pulling back the trigger, you're also stretching the NRG round.  Honestly, I would rather use the pump grip than the trigger. 
The pump handle feels very comfortable and my hand fits there perfectly. It has a good grip too.So why the pump grip over the trigger? Simple.You'll get a better rate of fire, and it's much more comfortable.

One of the many cool features in the Tek Recon blasters,including the Havok, is this-You can control the range of the blaster.
 If you want the blaster to shoot further, push the slide back; if you want to have an easier trigger pull, push the slide forward. HOWEVER  if the blaster shoots further, you're trading the distance for rate of fire. And if the blaster shoots faster, you're trading the rate of fire for distance.

Just wanted to point out that there's this 'try me' sticker on the blaster, which I hate so bad. I.Just.Hate.Stickers. And that sticker looks ugly in my opinion. I'm not going to take the sticker off because there might be some stick residue left. 
So Tek Recon, I'll appreciate it if you take those stickers off the blasters in the future. Here's a suggestion: Perhaps there can be extra cardboard popping out of the box with the 'try me' sign.

If you haven't noticed, you cannot check your ammo when looking at the Havok's magazine. So how do you keep track of ammo? Use the Tek Recon App of course! There's a stylus on the blaster to tap your device which you've mounted on to your blaster whenever you pull back the trigger. When your device gets tapped, the ammo counter counts down.

This feature on the app isn't working too well as it isn't consistent. Sometimes it picks up the tap, and sometimes not. So I hope TR is working on fixing this issue.

Just for your information, as the stylus moves back and forward to tap your device,it pushes a piece of plastic back to make your Havok look as if it has recoil. But of course, it isn't real recoil. It's a cool feature for the 'lolz'. 

And here we are, at the end of the review. *crack knuckles and stretch* . So what's my final opinion on the Havok? Well, I think it's a great blaster. It has many  cool features and takes toy blasters up to a higher level. In my opinion, Tek Recon is a great alternative for Nerf. The whole Tek Recon thing is awesome and cool, and they're doing most things right . Y'know... like responding to consumers' questions. BUT there's one thing they need to change, which is the ammo. I feel that the ammo needs to be something brighter and larger because they're really easy to lose. I'd highly recommend the Havok, but use it for indoor battles only! Unless can bare to lose ammo.
 And here's the results for the Havok...

Stock Range:10/10   (40ft-53ft PTG)

Rate Of Fire:10/10

Personal Rating:9.5/10 Gotta love it!

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Hope ya'll find this review informative. Thanks for reading!