Saturday, 9 August 2014

Buzz Bee GunSmoke Eyecandy and Update

About a week ago, I uploaded the review of the Buzz Bee GunSmoke. Lets be honest...the review was pretty harsh. As much as I did not want to verbally bash the blaster up,I only do honest reviews.Well,it turns out that my GunSmoke was faulty(A tiny piece of cardboard was stuck in the smoke release chamber. It has now been removed and the blaster works fine). Buzz Bee was kind enough to send me a brand new sample to do an update post of the blaster.
Surprise surprise... the GunSmoke isn't that bad after all. It actually produces a considerable amount of smoke. The smoke effects look really cool, but the smell is foul.But still,I wouldn't get this blaster because of its lack of power.

My opinion still stands firm - Get it to make a cool prop or just to mess around with it's cool smoke effect. Don't get it if you're going for performance.
Also, do take note that the reason why Buzz Bee blasters have such bright colours is because of the Toy Gun Law in US.

Below are more images of the Buzz Bee GunSmoke for your viewing pleasure.



  1. Nice post. Very informative and love the HD images. Can you review more new buzzbee guns?