Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Review: Buzz Bee Vampire Hunter

 It was a pleasant to find out that our good friends at Buzz Bee were sending me this sample. I've seen pictures of this online, and even seen it in stores personally- but never actually picked one up.This is the review of the Buzz Bee Vampire Hunter,and I'll be putting it to the test to see how well it performs.
 Out of the box, you'll receive the Vampire Hunter, two bow arms, and 6 suction darts. The included darts have nice wooden detailing on them. They look cooler than the ordinary yellow foam darts,but do not have any performance increment.
Assembly of the bow arms are required. They're fairly simple to attach and would only take a minute or so to do.

 The Bungee cords are to be attached to the orange hooks popping out of the sides of the blaster. The chords can be detached from the hooks,but the bow arm cannot be detached from the blaster without any modifications done.

How the Vampire Hunter works...

  • Pull back the pump. By pulling back the pump, a plastic piece connected to the orange hooks pull the bungee cords backwards-adding tension to the chords.
  • Pump forward. Air enters the tank.
  • Pull the trigger halfway to rotate the barrel, and fully to fire the blaster.
  • When the blaster is fired, the hooks move forward. This makes the bungee chords swing forward too.
The bow arms and bungee chords serve no purpose in performance. They are just there for aesthetics. The idea is cool, but not really practical as the bow arms get in the way at times as they're rather bulky. Also,because the bow arms are not detachable, it is difficult to store the blaster.

In my honest opinion,I really feel that the pump grip is perfectly designed.The size is much desirable, and overall has better ergonomics compared to the Blastzooka's pump handle. Furthermore, the way how the designers at Buzz Bee designed this pump allows the pump to act as a shoulder stock too. It surprisingly feels comfortable. Users with larger hands should be able to use the pump with ease too.I'm about 177cm-just for your information.
 As mentioned above... Pull the trigger halfway to rotate the barrel, and pull it fully to rotate the barrel and fire a dart.It feels a tad difficult to pull back fully.A point to take note: When the trigger is pulled back fully, an obvious 'clunk' sound can be heard.
The handle is of good size, but the groves in it makes the handle feel a little uncomfortable to use over a long period of play time.
The Vampire Hunter can hold up to 6 darts.All darts are stored in the front rotating turret and there's no place to put extra ammo. Just like the Air Max 6, this blaster is required to be re-pumped after every shot. The box did not mention how many times to pump the blaster.I usually go with about 6 pumps. The range of this blaster is slightly less than the Air Max 6, although both blasters use air tanks of the same size.

All in all,I think this would be a really fun blaster to play with. Also, the design of the blaster looks funky.
This baster would be great for indoor use-just for casual fun mini battles among siblings.I think that this blaster would be well liked among children. Below are more images for your viewing pleasure.
Stock Range:7.5/10
Accuracy: 7.5/10
Capacity: 7/10

Rate Of Fire: 7/10
Total: 7.25

Personal Rating: 8/10


  1. which ends up better, the crossbow or the air max 6?

    1. The Air Max 6 gets slightly more range than the Vampire Hunter.But the Vampire Hunter has better looks in my opinion. In the end,it all boils down to personal preference.