Sunday, 24 August 2014

Review: Buzz Bee Wingz Dart Launcher & Tek 3 [Battle Of The Two]

Buzz Bee Tek 3 VS Dart Launcher. They might look similar to each other, but how do they fair against each other? I put both blasters head to head to see how they perform!

The Buzz Bee Tek 3 has been in the market for years already, and is still available on departmental stores' shelves.They come in a variety of colours, and are priced cheaply. 
Single pack Tek 3s come with the blaster itself and 3 darts.

The Dart Launcher is a new blaster launched under the Wingz line.It is slowly making its way into stores.This blaster comes in a single, girly colour scheme. Just like the Tek 3, it comes with three darts.

Both blasters are TINY,but there are several differences. 
  • Dart Launcher has a much slicker body
  • Tek 3 has a slightly larger handle
  • Dart Launcher has a more solid and comfortable priming bar
Rate of Fire / Capacity
The Tek 3 has a turret which holds 3 darts while the Dart Launcher only has a single barrel. Do take note that the Tek 3's turret needs to be manually rotated after every shot. The Tek 3 definitely has a higher rate of fire and capacity than the Dart Launcher.
Shockingly, the Dart Launcher fires a lot further than the Tek 3. The tek 3 fires about 15ft PTG. The Dart Launcher on the other hand fires at least 25ft+ PTG-Almost twice the range of the Tek 3!
Among the two, the Dart Launcher has better accuracy. Even though the Dart Launcher comes with bird darts (Which do not look aerodynamic) , it still has better accuracy than the Tek 3.

Ergonomics- Dart Launcher Wins!
Rate of Fire-Tek 3 Wins!
Tek 3 Wins!
Range-Dart Launcher Wins!
Accuracy-Dart Launcher Wins!
Final Champion: Dart Launcher

Clearly the Dart Launcher wins hands down! Don't let its deceivingly colours fool you- Though the Dart Launcher might seem girly, it actually packs a punch for such a tiny blaster. I really hope this blaster comes to Singapore so I can get more.I highly recommend getting the Dart Launcher over the Tek 3.

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