Saturday, 16 August 2014

The Amazing S.C.A.R Barrel!

My Bumblee Bee Longshot with a homemade SCAR barrel.

I have always been trying to tweak my modified Longshot to make it shoot more accurate. Using a 14kg + Stock spring helped me to achieve better range and speed of the dart,but no accuracy or consistency was seen. At the recent war I attended, I managed to try out a S.C.A.R barrel . And wow,this thing works wonders.

Background Information
Not too long ago, Area 503(also known as Jia Yi) developed the SCAR barrel. So how did the invention of the SCAR barrel come about? 

Jia Yi said "It was more of a dare actually. Clement claimed that we cannot improve the accuracy of the blasters as there is no way we could spin a foam dart. Well, as a trained engineer, this would be something interesting to work on. The end result was that we never saw a fishtailing Stefan again.."

The first batch of SCAR barrels that Jia Yi made were made with brass tubes. He had to drill 8 holes into the brass tubes for every SCAR barrel, and this was dangerous. pSyk mentioned that 3DBBQ from Taiwan did something similar had done something similar, just without the drilling of holes.

How It Works
Jia Yi was kind enough to explain to me how the SCAR barrel works.
In firearms, rifling works because in the ‘controlled’ explosion, the explosion heat up the projectile. The projectile, being metal, would expand due to the huge increase of temperature, which allows the projectile to fill up the whole barrel. If you rifle the barrel, the projectile will expand to fill up the barrel and its spins as it exit the barrel.
 But, we are talking about foam darts. Which means rifling the barrel would not work as the dart do not expand under heat or high pressure. The focus of the engineering effort was-instead of making the dart hug the groove,we made the groove hug the dart.
Thus the idea of using lines within the tube was born. 3 lines would make too small a hole for the dart to pass through.So it would need at least 4 lines. The lines would provide the means to ‘grip’ the dart and spin it while still have the flexibility for the dart to pass through."

The abbreviation stands for ' String-based Auto Centering and Rotating' barrel. So do darts really rotate when they are in the barrel? They do! Credits goes to Gavin for proving this with a video. 

Jia Yi's Longshot with accessories and the SCAR barrel, and his Retaliator.
Requirements for the SCAR Barrel to work

There is only one requirement for the SCAR barrel to work. Your blaster must have a spring load of at least 14kg (Hanzo, BT/Zinv). Compressed air blasters like the 3k would work great with the SCAR barrel too.

Do take note that with the SCAR barrel, the range of your blaster will decrease as darts will slow down when they pass through the barrel, and will also glide less when they spin.
However, there is an exception- The RM Kit Longshot. The RM kit Longshot uses a 20kg< spring load and this enables the darts to push through a longer barrel without suffering range loss.

*Note: Jia Yi has a YouTube channel called Area 503. He make videos about the performance of various blasters. There will be an episode coming up which features ranges of blasters with and without the SCAR barrel.*

My thoughts on the SCAR Barrel

Desmond's Modified Longshot, Frozen Kittens, with a SCAR barrel.
I feel that the SCAR barrel is a great finding by Area 503. The SCAR barrel has enabled many people,including myself, to shoot more accurately with high powered blasters.If you go to NIC games in Singapore, the sight of SCAR barrels is common. The barrel definitely helps to increase accuracy and consistency of the flight path of darts. If you'd like to buy a SCAR barrel, check out Area 503's web store or facebook page.

Big thanks to...

  • Jia Yi for telling me more about the SCAR barrel, and for the images.
  • Gavin for the video.
  • Desmond for the image of your Longshots.


  1. Great post! Very informative.

  2. Kind of confused on the "lines" for the rifling. Was a tube used then lines of something inserted?

    1. That's correct - the lines are threaded through the holes of the tube.