Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Review: BOOMco Clipfire [ All the fun in a tiny one]

Not too long ago, I had a Facebook fan asking me to review the Clipfire.So I went to get one as it was reasonably priced at $11.90 SGD.
For that price, the Clipfire comes along with 2 smart stick darts, a small smart stick target, and an instruction manual.

The Clipfire is packaged in a nice box, just like all other BOOMco blasters. The only problem with the packaging, is that they are really difficult to unbox. Anyway, the Clipfire is advertised to shoot up to 50ft. It also features a handle which is collapsible. 
The handle of the Clipfire is too small(in terms of length) and fat (in terms of width)  for my liking. Also, the handle feels pretty flimsy because it's hollow. Can't really complain though-the folding feature requires the handle to be hollow.
There is this tiny little grey button at the back of the Clipfire,just below the priming rod.When the button is pressed down, the Clipfire's handle can be folded. 
 One thing I really dislike about the Clipfire when it's folded, is that there isn't anything to lock the handle into place. All it takes is a bit of movement, and the handle  will swing back to its original position. 
Still, the folding feature allows the Clipfire to easily be kept and brought around. Also,even when it is in it's collapsed position, it can still be fired.
 The priming rod of the blaster also acts as a clip. The blaster can be clipped onto key rings, hooks on pants, and other stuff. The Clipfire can seriously be a key chain.LOL.

The 'Iron Sight' on the top of the Clipfire acts as a dart holder too. But with a sufficient amount of shake, the dart CAN drop out.
All in all I think the Clipfire is a great blaster!I'm really enjoying myself by playing with it. It's interesting how the designers at Mattel managed to add so many cool features on such a tiny blaster-Kudos to them for doing so!The blaster is pretty accurate and packs a punch for its size. This is a low priced blaster, but works great. It'll be a good beginner blaster in my opinion.If you're introducing BOOMco to your friend, you might wanna let him mess around with a Clipfire.

Rate Of Fire:6/10

Personal Rating:8/10

P.S Next BOOMco blaster I'm reviewing: Rapid Madness!!!!

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