Friday, 12 September 2014

Review: Nerf Rebelle Messenger [Purple Beast]

The Firestrike is a great blaster;and so is the Triad. Modders have taken things into their own hands to combine both blasters to make an ultimate beast called the 'Triadstrike'(Originally done by Andu Nerf). 
Not long after that modification was done, Nerf released the Rebelle Messenger.The messenger is similar to the Triadstrike-same concept,just with a different shell,slightly different internals, and more features.

The messenger is priced at $24.90 SGD locally.

  • Messenger
  • Instruction manual
  • 5 darts
  • 1 pen
  • Detachable dart holder

 How the darts work is pretty simple. When you look through clear plastic to view the darts, you will be able to see everything which is not red. There is a message printed in blue on every dart,which is pretty cool,and kids will love this a whole lot.
The Messenger comes with a dart holder which holds two darts. The dart holder is made out of transparent red plastic which allows the darts to be decoded.Attached to the dart holder is a purple clip which enables the dart holder to be hooked to the Messenger.

The clip is made out of flimsy plastic which bends easily. The dart holder on the other hand  does it's job of decoding darts perfectly. But the problem is that darts fall out of the holder very easily.Just with a tiny bit of shake,the darts will fall out almost immediately. So I think the messenger is seriously better off without it.

 The dart chambers of the Messenger is made out of clear red transparent plastic too! It has three dart chambers. Also,just like the Triad, the Messenger too, has the smart air restrictor system which  directs the air flow path to whichever chamber that contains a dart.
I expected the blaster to be super small, but it's not. In fact,I think it's even larger than the Firestrike. 
I don't really like the bottom half of the Messenger as it is just a skeleton and doesn't feel great. Also,the handle might be too small for users with larger hands too.
If you haven't already know, the Messenger comes with a pen, which is stored at the bottom of the handle. The pen is for writing messages on the darts provided,and is super tiny-so it's really difficulty to write with it.The pen is held in the handle really securely and is very tough to take out.
So $24.90 for such a blaster isn't too bad. Accuracy is rather good on this blaster, and so is the range. I don't really like the ergonomics on this blaster though. The blaster comes with fancy stuff like the ammo holder and pen, but I can't really be bothered with them.To be fair,I'm not the target audience-little girls are.
But still, the Messenger is doing its job well as a sidearm. I'd recommend this blaster for those looking for an all rounded side arm.By the way,I used this at the Nerf Fiesta 2014,and it served me well.

Rate Of Fire:8/10

Personal Rating:8.5/10

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