Thursday, 30 October 2014

Review: Zing Toys Z-Curve Bow [Simple But Powerful!]

 I have always been interested in bows when I was young, but never really managed to play with them because they were 'too dangerous'. Thankfully Zing Toys have come out with the solution- The Z-Curve Bow.
The Z-Curve bow is one of the many products from Zing Toys.They come in various colour schemes and the one I am reviewing is the Zing Air version.

Included in the Zing Air Z-Curve Bow Set:

  • Z-Curve Bow
  • Ammo Clip Holder
  • Suction Arrow x1
  • Regular Arrow x2

 I have handled real bows a couple of times.The feeling when playing with the Z-Curve bow is surprisingly similar; and it's great. The Z-Curve bow is powered by two strong elastic chords which are located on each bow arm.I will explain how the bow works later on.


 With so much power in the bow, the structure needs to be strong. Kudos to the designers of Zing Toys for designing the bows such that they are durable. The plastic used for the bows are strong(despite them being translucent). Furthermore, all the empty areas have been reinforced with more plastic. I am pretty sure that the body of the bow will not break that quickly(unless you abuse it).


 As mentioned above, there are two types of arrows, The suction tip ones and the regular ones.Both arrows are made to be almost the same- the only difference is their tips. 
The suction tip one sticks on to flat surfaces and will drop off pretty quickly.Because of the way it is shaped, it does not shoot that far.
The regular arrow on the other hand has a streamlined,aerodynamic design.This allows the arrows to shoot further and faster with less air resistance.
From the pictures above, you can tell that the materials used to make the arrows are soft.Well,almost everything-except for the core(stick), which is made of plastic. The tips are made out of foam, and the back wings are made out of foam too. This would allow the arrows to absorb more impact when they hit and object.But still,because of the power in the bow, when someone gets shot point blank by the bow, it would still hurt.So make sure you wear safety eye wear when using these bows for games.

How to fire

Here are the steps on how to load and fire the Z-Curve Bow.
 Step 1:Attach the hooks located on the arrow, on to the loop on the elastic chords.
Step 2: Grab the blue tab at the back of the arrow and pull backwards.
Step 3: Release to Fire!

 As you can see, using the bow is easy as ABC. Three steps is all it takes.As the bow is powered just by the elastic chords, kids who are very young might find it a little difficult to pull back the arrows.

Ammo Clip Holder

 The clip holder is a cool piece of plastic which enables you to hold three arrows.It can be hung on to your pants.The arrows are horizontally and securely held into place. I find the idea of this cool, but should I be in a game, I would prefer to have a pouch than to have this.
 All in all I really love the Z-Curve Bow a lot. It is light weight but powerful. Furthermore it is pretty accurate. One thing to take note though, the power it produces depends on how much strength you are using to pull the arrows back.So technically a person with more strength should get more range. You can check out my video review and overview video for more information.

Rate Of Fire:6/10

Personal Rating:9/10


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