Saturday, 1 November 2014

Review: BOOMco Rapidmadness[Big Red Beast!]

The Rapidmadness is the first flagship  blaster released by BOOMco. It is a large blaster with a large price tag. But is it worth the money? Read on to find out more about my thoughts on this blaster.

Box Art

Included In The Rapid Madness Package:
  • Rapid Madness
  • Shield
  • 20 Dart Clip
  • 30 Smart Stick Darts
  • Large Smart Stick Target

'Smart Stick Technology'

The thing which makes BOOMco so special is its smart stick technology.BOOMco darts are designed to be able to stick only to smart stick targets; and man...they stick extremely well.
The smart stick targets only come in two forms at the moment. 
The first is as shields-Most BOOMco blasters come with shields, which are able to allow darts to stick on to them.
The second form is as stick on targets- Like the one pictured above, the targets can be sticked on to many things. Walls,clothes, and more. The targets come in different sizes and designs, and can be bought separately. 
The smart stick darts are of very light weight. 
The  main body of a smart stick dart is made out of soft but durable plastic(Just like straws!)
The external tip is made out of some mushy material,which is really soft and squishy.
There is a tiny piece of hard plastic concealed under the mushy material. I believe it is to give the darts some weight at the front so that they can fly straighter.
The Rapidmadness' clip holds 20 darts.I really love these clips because they hold the darts in super securely! Kudos to the BOOMco team for designing the darts and clips in such a manner.

The Rapidmadness

The Rapidmadness is a compressed air powered blaster.It has three tactical rails, and comes with one shield. I really hope BOOMco can come out with more accessories other than shields though.
Anyway, the Rapidmadness is advertised fire up to 45ft, and to fire off 20 darts in seconds.How true is that?I'll talk about that later.

To give the blaster power, you would need to pump the blaster.The Rapidmadness' pump is a dual action pump(wow!). Its grip is also nicely designed with an angle. The whole grip is great and sturdy, But due to how long the draw of the pump is, small kids might face difficulties pumping the blaster.
Nonetheless, I think the designers who designed the pump did a fantastic job.

Having air in the blaster over a long period of time is not good. Thankfully, there is a pressure release button located on the left of the blaster. Pressing the button down while pulling the trigger allows air to be released.
Now on to the stock. In my opinion, the stock is pretty comfortable.It allows me to stable my shot(though accuracy isn't really needed for this blaster since its for spamming). Furthermore, the stock allows me to rest my cheek comfortably on the blaster.

The Rapidmadness comes with a shield which can be attached to tactical rails.The blaster has two tactical rails but the shield,because of thickness of the Rapidmadness, can only fit on to two. The shield acts as a smart stick target, and allows darts to stick on to it.

The clips are to be inserted from the left size of the blaster, and they exit on the right side. Without the clip inserted, the Rapidmadness will not be able to fire. Each clip has a marking on it to indicate which way it should enter the mag well.
As the clips are suppose to enter from the left side of the blaster, left handers might face some find it difficult to reload the blaster.

The handle of the blaster feels comfortable, and is big enough for me to hold. 

Final Thoughts

The Rapidmadness is a crazy blaster(in a good way). It shoots off 20 darts in about 3 seconds, which means 6.66 darts per second!While shooting all its darts out, it also makes an intimidating sound. The range of this blaster is slightly less than 45ft though.Accuracy wise, I would say this blaster is alright. But hey, accuracy doesn't matter because with this blaster, all you need to do is 'spray and pray'. The Rapidmadness can be fully and semi automatic. If you feel spammy, just hold trigger down. Other wise, you can just quickly pull and release the trigger just to fire one to two darts.
I think this blaster is very well designed. From the pump, to the cosmetics- the design team NAILED it.If you have the cash to get this, and you're in to have some fun, I'd recommend this blaster.

Rate Of Fire:10/10

Personal Rating:9/10

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  1. Coop772 did a video and he said it could fire 52 feet.