Sunday, 30 November 2014

Review: Nerf Zombiestrike Flipfury! (Flippin' Awesome Strongarm Upgrade!)

 Back in the N-Strike days, people used to make double and triple barrel mavericks.Today,Nerf has come up with something similar,but much better-The Flipfury.
The Flipfury comes with an instruction manual and twelve Zombiestrike darts. None of the darts included have any fancy designs on them.

The Flipfury is really huge and squarish. Above is an image for reference.
It has a handle which is suppose to resemble wood, with a cloth wrapped  around it.I find that rather cool as in my opinion, it gives the blaster a 'zombie like feel'. This design was first introduced in the Hammershot.  Also,just like the Hammershot, it has golden pigments of glitter inside the orange shell. 

 Now on to the handle's ergonomics...
The handle is large, which is nice,because I can get a good grip of the blaster. However, there is a hole in the handle which causes discomfort to me as my fingers will go into the hole-which feels weird. Just a thing to take note, this blaster has a hand guard(is that even the correct term?)
As for the trigger. Both triggers are reactive which is great.The barrel rotation trigger however, requires quite a bit of reach from the middle finger, and a larger force to pull back. This will be a disadvantage for users with smaller hands.

For your information,there isn't a tactical rail at the bottom of the grey area.
 *Random pictures appear*
 Back on track.The blaster has a tactical rail on the top. The coolest accessory I have which matches well with this blaster is the Zombiestrike Longshot's scope.The orange in both plastics are slightly different though.Still,they look really nice together-looks somewhat SciFi-ish.
 The blaster has two barrels. When you pull the barrel rotating trigger the blaster will automatically rotate. Top barrel fires the darts.Bottom barrel is for reloading.
The blaster also has slamfire.Just hold the trigger backwards and prime the blaster to fire a dart.

*more random images suddenly appear*
 Alright conclusion time! This blaster is definitely better than the Strongarm. It has more capacity and looks cooler(in my opinion). The barrel rotating trigger is definitely a plus point for quick reloading when you've used finish your first barrel.This blaster fires darts straighter than my XD Elite Strongarm, and it seems to be able  to get the regular elite blasters' ranges. Needless to say, it has a good rate of fire as it can slamfire. I'd recommend this blaster for sure! In fact, it's one of my favourite blasters now.
Rate Of Fire:10/10

Personal Rating:9/10

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