Saturday, 13 December 2014

Review: Nerf N-Strike Sharpfire [Nerf Duck Hunt Blaster?]

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 The Sharpfire has arrived in Singapore and is retailing at $29.90(SGD). It comes in an open style box,along with 10 darts and an instruction manual.

This blaster is part of the N-strike line,and is more or less and inline jolt.It comes with a stock and barrel,which are both detachable.
To remove the barrel,simply pull it out.
To remove the stock,press the orange button below the handle,and pull it out.It can be held in two different positions.The stock holds a total of 6 darts,and has a clip on it,so that it can be hooked on to belts.It's a little short and slightly wobbly,but still comfortable enough for me. The side of the darts are not covered so they call fall off if something knock into them.

 Loading the blaster is really simple. Pull back the slide to prime the blaster,and load a dart into the dart chamber. Then,close the slide and fire. It works similar to a sliding brass breech.

You can check out my full review on my YouTube channel right here.
But anyway,I really like this blaster a lot.It seem to have more power than my N-Strike Longshot,but still isn't much compared to the Elite blasters. It's accuracy isn't that good either.However, what I like about this blaster is it's tacti-coolness and paint scheme(Looks like the blaster from Dart Hunt!)! Its loading is unique too. I'd only recommend this blaster to those who just want to goof around with their friends,and not to use as a blaster for games.

-Update- After playing with the Flipfire more. I noticed that the barrel can be stored in the stock. Also,when the stock is in the compact mode, the stock acts as a holster and you can hang the  blaster to your pants or belt. Pretty damn cool!

Rate Of Fire:6/10


Personal Rating:7/10

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  1. I noticed that the barrel extension is detachable. Is it possible to make this barrel extension work with other blasters that have a barrel extension lock piece thing on them?

    1. Unfortunately this barrel only works on this blaster. At least for now...

  2. REALLY!? REALLY!? The back of box calls it a "6 in 1" blaster, using the same if not a more extreme version of the 3 in 1 blaster for the recon, despite being one blaster. Stupid. It would be fine if it said blaster with 6 forms.

    1. The Retaliator too! Honestly,I was fooled by that before the Retaliator came out.

  3. Pretty damn cool!! I would use this as a sniper!!! Would you recommend?

    1. I wouldn't recommend this for stock games. If you want a blaster for stock games,get something from the Elite line like the Firestrike. There is some potential for modding though.

      However, if this is on offer(e.g I got mine for $10 off), it'd be a good buy. Just for fun and laughter. It has great ergonomics,aesthetics ,and has some pretty cool features.