Monday, 8 December 2014

Review: F10555 'Nerf' 3D Printed Retaliator Shotgun Grip

I've been waiting to get my hands on this grip  for a long time. And finally,I managed to collect mine.This grip is made  by the taobao user 'F10555'. The grip is 3D printed and comes in various designs. I decided to go with the rounded grip,along with the top slide. 

 My grip came like that,and needed some simple assembling. It was basically just screwing a total of ten screws.No shell work is required,however,you need a Retaliator barrel for the grip to work.

 The built quality is very good and I am impressed.
 There are four holes on the bars and top slide. You can purchase additional 3D printed picatinny rails to attach on to this areas.
 The grips are super comfortable, and the best thing is... they are CHEAP!Furthermore,the quality of the product is great. However,I do feel that it is easy for your hands to slip off the grip if they are perspiring. Nonetheless, this is still a sweet grip and I do not regret buying it. Do check out my full review on my YouTube channel.
Also, you can check out F10555 listings here.


  1. I think that syldev parts has one for the rampage.

  2. This is looks awesome, anyway someone from the US can purchase this and have it shipped? I checked out the link, but can't understand a bit of the language... Thanks!

    1. Not too sure. I had a friend to help me ship this over to Singapore,from China.

    2. So there really is no way to get this outside of China?

    3. Yes there is.I live in Singapore(Not China fyi) and I got one.

  3. Soon, if you don't have a friend that lives in Singapore...... You can't really get it outside of there?