Sunday, 14 December 2014

Review: Nerf N-Strike Slingstrike [Probably better than what you think!]

Once again,Singapore is the first country to receive another new blaster-The Slingstrike.
This blaster is priced at $19.90(SGD) and i bought mine from Isetan. It comes in a proper sealed box,along with an instruction manual and 2 elite darts.

 Straight out of the box,the blaster requires some quick assembling.Attach the handle to the main body of the blaster. Younger children might find this a little difficult;so parents, do take note. After you're done with that,attach the orange piece to the grey circle on the fake bow arms.The picture above shows how the blaster should look like once it's assembled.
How this blaster works is really straight forward. Slide a dart into the dart chamber(or in this case,the dart sits on the dart post). Then,pull back the orange piece at the end of the blaster,and release to fire.
When the orange piece is released, it swings forward and hits the body of the blaster,resulting in a loud 'cluck' sound. Plastic and plastic contact makes me cringe a little. Hopefully this doesn't wear down the blaster's life.

The handle is too small for my liking.So users with larger hands will probably find this an issue too.Also, the plastic at the back of the handle is annoyingly uncomfortable. 
There's quite a bit of tension in the strings, which explains why this blaster shoots well. But elastic bands being elastic bands...they're probably wear down sooner or later.

You can check out my video review,and a demo of this blaster here.
Overall,I am very pleased with this blaster. It performs way better than I expected.Despite not having a trigger,this blaster is still pretty accurate.I only dislike two things about this blaster-how it looks,and the handle.
But still,it's a pretty nice blaster which simulates a sling shot.I'd recommend this to newer Nerfers who would like to get into the Nerf hobby,and as Christmas presents for kids(Christmas is just 11 days away!).

Rate Of Fire:6/10


Personal Rating:8/10

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