Friday, 12 December 2014

Review: Scorpion Gatling Blaster By Prime Time Toys [Small Gatling Blaster With Great Power ]

This year,Prime Time Toys has come out with a great blaster-the Scorpion Gatling Blaster. This is probably their best blaster they have made so far. The Scorpion Gatling Blaster comes along with an ammo belt,and 20 darts.
Overview and Demo Video
The blaster requires 6AA batteries to function,and is fully automatic.The battery compartment is on the left side of the blaster,and the on/off switch is below it.
Many of you are going  to wonder why so many batteries are required for such a small blaster.Well,for the barrel and flywheels to rotate,and dart pusher to continuously push darts,I'm not surprised.
 The blaster holds darts using this belt pictured above. It holds 20 superdarts(That's the name of the darts) .The ammo belt does not hold Nerf elite darts as they are too long,which results in the blaster jamming.
 One thing I do not like about the ammo belt is that the dart fit is way too loose.This causes darts to fall out with a light shake. Also,there isn't any stopper at the end of each dart chamber,thus darts can be pushed too far back,which will also result in jams.

Loading of the blaster:

Pull back the green button
Flip the grey cover up
Put the chain on to the blaster
The two dummy dart chambers sits in the middle of the blaster

 This blaster is rather small-that's good and bad.The overall size of the blaster is compact,which is great for CQB situations. Furthermore, it is lightweight,and can be stored away easily.
However,the handle of the blaster is too small.Users like myself will find the handle uncomfortable,and difficult to grip on to. Luckily,there is another handle at the top of the blaster to assist your aiming and to give you a better grip of the blaster.

Overall this is a very great blaster. It's one of my favourite blasters of the year,but there is room for improvement(*cough*belt and handle*cough*). Other than that,this blaster is performing way above my expectations. It has a pretty good rate of fire,and is fully automatic.The range on this,for a stock blaster, is great too. Hope this blaster hits Singapore stalls soon!

Rate Of Fire:8/10

Personal Rating:9/10

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