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Malaysia BOOMco 2015 Roadshow!

Hi guys! Recently, I got contacted by Brandthink Malaysia.They shared with me some information about BOOMco in Malaysia,so I'm sharing it with you guys. Read on to find out more!

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – Mattel introduces a new line of highly anticipated BOOMco.™ blasters, giving kids the best reason to switch to BOOMco.™ for more adrenaline-fueled fun this school holiday season. The new line features four new blasters, including the highly anticipated BOOMco.™ Mad Slammer that showcases a new slam-fire mechanism that shoots darts up to a range of 50 feet.
“At Mattel, we continue to innovate and deliver the ultimate play experience for boys around the world. Cutting-edge dart and target system paired with its innovative blasting mechanism, the Mad Slammer™ allows kids to blast 20 darts swiftly for the ultimate high-energy play,” Leong Meiyin, Head of Marketing, Mattel South East Asia. “It brings more dynamic to blaster play with BOOMco.™, along with our spring-loaded blaster range and new exciting accessories line.”
The secret to awesome fun with BOOMco.™ blasters is none other than its unique dart technology and construction. Made with the brand patented Smart Stick™ technology, the BOOMco.™ dart tips are constructed with a substance that will only stick to its designated Smart Stick™ target repeatedly for better hit recognition.
According to Binh Luong the Global Design Director for Boys Action Figure, Games and Outdoor Category for Mattel. “During our three years quest in developing BOOMco.™, we noticed from research that boys enjoy the thrill of seeing each dart hit precisely where they shoot. It led us to the creation of a new line of blasters that can fire much faster and straighter armed with darts that can stick to surfaces, but not sticky.”
From 11 to 22 March 2015, parents, kids and blaster enthusiasts can discover why switching to BOOMco.™ will offer better active play. The action-packed “Switch to BOOMco.™” roadshow, happening from 10.00am to 10.00pm will be an exciting day out where you can play, blast-free and battle with your friends with the new BOOMco.™ blasters.
Below are the locations and dates of the “Switch to BOOMco.™” Roadshows.
The new line of blasters including the BOOMco.™ Mad Slammer is available along with accessories for better system play. Much to be anticipated are also the, BOOMco.™ Dynamag™, BOOMco.™ Slamblast™ and BOOMco.™ Railstinger™ blaster.
BOOMco.™ Mad Slammer™ Blaster (RM 109.90)
BOOMco.™ Mad Slammer™ Blaster is a semi-automatic blaster that includes a 20-dart clip and 20 Smart Stick™ darts for awesome firepower. Pulling the Mad Slammer™ handles apart advances the darts to the next shot, while pushing them towards each other causes a single dart to fire. The Mad Slammer™ shoots darts quickly with a slamfire action up to 50 feet! The blaster also features the unique BOOMco.™ rail so you can attach accessories and expand the battle action. There is also extra storage capacity on the handles and the blaster’s body. Boys can keep the blasting action going by creating their own battle zone with the 2 included Smart Stick™ sticky-back targets.
BOOMco.™ Dynamag™ Blaster (RM 89.90)
BOOMco.™ Dynamag™ Blaster is a spring-powered, semi-automatic blaster that utilizes an interchangeable magazine system. Now boys can blast free on the battlefield with Dynamag™ featuring a 6-dart clip a-6 Smart Stick™ darts. The magazine system is compatible with BOOMco.™ 20 darts and 40 darts clip to extend blasting firepower. The BOOMco.™ Dynamag™ blaster can also shoot up to a thrilling 50 feet. Boys can practice their aim with the included BOOMco.™ Smart Stick™ sticky back target.
BOOMco.™ Slamblast™ Blaster (RM 59.90)
BOOMco.™ Slamblast™ Blaster is an air-powered, single shot blaster that fires when the two handles are pumped towards each other. The harder the handles are pumped, the further it blasts. The BOOMco.™ Slamblast™ stores 8 Smart Stick™ darts in the handles and sides and features a built in rail to attach BOOMco.™ accessories. The BOOMco.™ Slamblast™ can shoot up to 60 feet!
BOOMco.™ Railstinger Blaster (RM 39.90)
Boys who are looking to increase the firepower of their BOOMco.™ blasters will find the BOOMco.™ Railstinger a perfect. The collapsible handle attaches to other BOOMco.™ blasters with a rail, offering additional blasting power. The Railstinger Blaster comes with 2 Smart Stick™ darts and a Smart Stick™ target and can be played in two ways: single-fire shooting for accuracy or as an attachment to BOOMco.™ blasters with a rail to double firepower. The Railstinger fires a single Smart Stick™ dart up to 50 feet!
BOOMco.™ Rapid Reload System (RM 69.90)
Boys, who are looking for a more amped up fun and wish to seize the ultimate competitive edge on the battlefield, should get their hands on the Rapid Reload System. Offering an impressive storage ability that comes with 20 Smart Stick™ darts, the Rapid Reload System is compatible to all Smart Stick™ darts and can hold up to 40 darts. The Rapid Reload System can also carry a variety of BOOMco.™ blasters and accessories. It is also equipped with a removable dart holder that comes with a clip that can be attached a belt loop or backpack for an easy access to firepower.
All BOOMco.™ blasters are available at selected toy retailers like Toys “R” Us and Hamleys and selected major departmental stores in Malaysia!
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It's a pity that we do not have such BOOMco roadshows here in Singapore.So hopefully those in Malaysia will enjoy this!

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