Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Review: BuzzBee Ultra Tek 8 [Oh This Is Goooood]

 Over the pass few years, dart blaster companies have been pushing the limits of their blasters to make them shoot further.And BuzzBee is no exception. Just recently, BuzzBee released some blasters under a new line-the Ultra Tek line. These blasters have range claims of up to 72ft.
Thanks to BuzzBee, I am fortunate enough to get my hands on the Ultra Tek 8 to do a review.
 The Ultra Tek 8 comes along with 8 darts, and a clip.
The darts which come with the Ultra Tek 8 shoot really well because of their solid heads.This help to improve accuracy and consistency of the flight of the darts.
 So to get the blaster to work is really simple. Load the darts into the clip like so- Tips facing where the arrow is pointing.
 Prime the blaster back like that,insert the clip,push the handle forward, and you're ready to fire.
 The priming handle fits comfortably in my hands. But I think that users with larger hands might encounter some difficulties with the priming handle.
As for the main handle/grip, I personally do not like it that much. It's a little small for my liking,which results in the blaster becoming a little front heavy.Not too big of an issue though.

 Another point which I would like to bring up is the clip release button. The button,in my opinion, is too far away from the clip. As you can see from the picture above, I need quite a bit of stretch for my thumb to reach the button. 
 As of now,I have shot over the Ultra Tek 8 over a hundred times. It have not failed me and I did not encounter any jams when testing it. I think it would hold up pretty well during games.
 And time for more good news. Guess what? The Ultra Tek 8 accepts clips from a certain other  brand. It fires their darts too!
This is great because you can use a large range of other clips. 12,15,18,25 dart clips, and more.

Conclusion time! I am VERY pleased with this blaster. The only problems which I have found while testing this blaster are some minor ergonomic  issues that do not bother me much. This blaster is compact,reliable, and packs a punch. Accuracy is also pretty good because of the darts. I recommend this blaster to people who are interested in getting a new blaster for stock games.

Rate Of Fire:8/10

Personal Rating:9/10