Friday, 22 January 2016


You've probably already heard the news about these blasters. Just scrolling through my YouTube subscription feed, I can already find five or more news videos about these blasters,haha.Anyway, I suppose it'd be cool to share my personal thoughts and speculation with you guys. Kudos to  for the images and information which Hasbro has provided them with! :) 


The first blaster we have is the Hyperfine! This blaster reminds me of the Crossfire Bow at first glance. I am totally digging the aesthetics of this blaster. This blaster is said to be the fastest firing fully automatic blaster to date.Remember how we were all wowed when we first saw the Rapidstrike fire? Can't wait to see how this performs!  This blaster has a nice check rest on the shoulder stock. It uses 4 D sized batteries(Hey at least not 6!). It seems like the handle might be too small for users with big hands,but I'm guessing that mine could probably slip in perfectly- my hands aren't big per se. Also, the main trigger, rev trigger, and mag release button are all located near each other, so this is a potential plus point.

Next is the Modulus Tri-Stike blaster. This will be the first spring powered clip system elite length-firing blaster since the Retaliator. Yeah, it's about time.
Years ago,I had a thought that Nerf should come out with attachments that fire different type of rounds. It's satisfying to know that that's now reality! :D

Alright,so this blaster(Or should I say three blasters?) comes in three parts. The stock(and scope), the main body, and the barrel attachment.

Lets start with the shoulder stock and scope first. I'm guessing that the scope is where you reload a foam rocket, and to fire, slam the stock forward. Alternatively, the shoulder stock can be attached to the scope to make a Thunderblast like blaster. Very nice innovation there,Nerf. ;)

Next is the main blaster. Bolt action, just like the Longstrike. I suppose it has a direct plunger. Nothing much to say about this except 'YUSSS CLIP SYSTEM SPRINGER'. 

Last but not least, the barrel. The barrel fires four(?) mega darts. Just slam the grey handle back, like the demolisher, to fire the ammo.

LOTS of innovation in this blaster. Definitely a game changer.

Next up is the Mastodon. This blaster is FAT and holds 24 Mega darts- the highest capacity Mega blaster to date. It is said to be semi automatic and uses 6 D batteries. Thankfully, there's a shoulder strap to ease wielding this blaster. I'm not too keen on this blaster,but perhaps it's because I prefer elite darts


I've never played with a Rivals blaster but this sure looks like a whole lot of fun. Taking advantage of the small sized balls(lol), the designers at NERF have put together a high ammo capacity, badass blaster. This blaster uses 6D batteries and is said to be fully automatic. Aw yeah! If there's one improvement to be made, I would suggest for those rails to made use of. MORE RIVALS ACCESSORIES!

All in all, really excited for the 2016 blasters! Many creative, such innovative, many like! Which is your favourite blaster? Mine is no doubt the Hyperfine. :)


  1. my favorite is the modulus becuse it will be the best sniper rifel so far an with a worker stock sniper sight and long barrel(for looks) itt will be an awesome blaster. Ps we need rival sniper it will be the first ner sniper with long range

  2. My favourite is the Hyperfire !!! And when is it coming out????

  3. Hyperfire at Taka
    Havent seen them in toys r us

  4. I have seen The Hyperfire, the newest DoomLands blaster the Double Dealer, the Startobow, and the Brainsaw. I saw them at a Canadian ToysRUs. Although the DoomLands series is a Target Exclusive?