Saturday, 27 August 2016

REVIEW: BuzzBee Destiny [Simply AWESOME]

I'm very lucky to get my hands on the Destiny. Big thanks to BuzzBee Toys for that!This blaster is simply amazing. Read on to find out more!

So the Destiny is the foam dart version of BoomCo's RapidMadness. If you read my BoomCo RapidMadness review, you'll know that I'm in love with that blaster. The rate of fire and ergonomics of the blaster is simply insane. Alright. Enough of that RapidMadness fangirling. Back to how AWESOME the Destiny is.

The Destiny comes with the Destiny itself, 20 suction cup darts and a 20 dart clip. 

So starting with the ergonomics of the blaster.The handle is quite large and is of a comfortable size. However, having grooves would probably make it better. 
The location of the handle is also odd. 1It'd be much better if BuzzBee actually used the front grip as the actual working grip. The blaster will be more balanced and can be shouldered if that was done.
The pump grip is very nice and sturdy. It fits in my hands really well and I love it.

The blaster also has a pressure release button located on the right halve of the shell. Thumbs up to BuzzBee for adding this little safety feature. The pressure release button allows pressure to be released once the trigger and the button are activated at the same time.

The blaster comes with a 20 dart clip which enters the blaster from the left and comes out from the right (Lefties do take note!). The only flaw with the clip is that it doesn't stay in the blaster firmly until the first shot is fired. Perhaps BuzzBee could add a lock to ensure that the clip is held in place at all times.
The blaster is advertised to fire 20 darts in 2 seconds. According to my tests, that's true! The blaster takes around 14 pumps to have enough pressure to fire all 20 darts. And goshhhh, the sound it makes when firing the darts is SOOOOO satisfying.
All in all, this is a great blaster. While there's still room for improvement, I must admit that this blaster is rather well designed. Range is slightly less than other blasters, but can be made up for with the insane rate of fire.I love this blaster a lot and I highly recommend this blaster for CQB games.

Rate Of Fire:10/10

Personal Rating:9/10

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  1. I've always liked the MADSTRIKE so this looks like it might be pretty good! Any idea of what the MSRP is?