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About Awesomely Nerf
Good you've clicked here, because now, you can find out more about me and my blog :) I'll kick this of with a warm welcome to my blog.I am AwesomeNerfer1999 and I created this blog on 24 May 2012.

Awesomely Nerf is a blog which is made by me,Qi. This is a Blog dedicated to bring you useful and interesting information about toy blasters.I post the latest Nerf news, give tips/combos , and reviews. All reviews will contain a whole lot of pictures for your viewing pleasure.Although this blog is called Awesomely Nerf,I still do reviews on non-Nerf branded blasters. My blog mainly touches on unmodified blasters, but I do post about modifications at times.

My friends and I hold our own private wars at times. I do go for wars held by members from the NerfSG forum too.I'll try my best to film during my war,to give you guys some war footage.

I use a Sony DSC W310Sony Xperia SP, Iphone 4Canon EOS D60,Samsung Galaxy A7, and an Sj4000 to film and take photos for my blog and YouTube channel. Other equipment includes a video stabilizer,tripod, and Rode video mic.

I have four other companion sites which includes my Facebook page, Youtube channelTwitter, and Instagram(Follow me @AwesomelyNerf on Twitter and Instagram!). Should you have any questions, just send us a message, or leave a comment on any of these pages. 

About Me:
I'm AwesomeNerfer1999, you can just call me Qi . I'm a Singaporean Nerfer and I'm crazy about toy blasters!I'm still a teenager,and was born in 1999-that's partly how I got my online name.I also enjoy playing volleyball.

If you have a product or event that you would like featured,send me an email.My email address can be found at the contact section below.
The blasters I review and post about on this blog and my YouTube channel have either been bought with my own money,or have been sent to me by a PR.

All reviews done with my full honesty- I will give my truthful opinion,even if the blaster isn't to my liking.I reserve the rights not to give the product samples a positive review if necessary. I also reserve the rights not to have a dedicated post for the sample(s) if I feel that it is content is not appropriate for this blog and YouTube channel.

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You can contact me through....
-Youtube               Youtube Channel
-Facebook             Facebook Page

I prefer an E-mail or a Comment because I'll be able to reply back fast.Feel free to ask me questions,I'll get back to them as soon as possible.

I,nor Awesomely Nerf, is/are affiliated with Nerf or Hasbro in any way.


  1. love the blog! check and follow mine bro :) 'Like' the facebook group too!

  2. Any possible way of me becoming an affiliate my friend ;)? Here's my blog if you want to check it out! Follow if you like! Peace!

  3. hi, ive read somewhere that certain countries outside the USA have their effective ranges reduced to fit the country's safety standards. do singapore nerf guns have their ranges reduced as well? im looking at the elite nstrike series of guns. especially the retaliator. thx!

    1. Hi,
      The Elite blasters in Singapore are getting the same ranges as those in the United States-75ft.

      Cheers! :)

  4. Hi awesomenerfer,

    i think you would me as i recommended the pink crush for the giveaway and by the way i live in Singapore as well and i love collecting nerf guns and it all started from last year when my father brought me a nerf nitron and i started to go into nerf until now

    So i hope i could be your nerf friend

    Facebook name : Jerrick Goh<pofile picture may look retarded sorry i hope to be a nerf friend of yours

  5. Where can I find elite specter in singapore

    1. Most major departmental stores such as OG and Metro, should have it. You can give them a call to check if there's stock.


  6. Hey awesomenerfer1999 I really like you blog site, however if you were to do a review on your favorite nerf guns that would be great :D