Customizations & Tips

This page is about three things:Customizing your blasters, load-outs, and tips.

If you want me to do any combos you want, just leave a comment below.But before you tell me the combo, go look at my Collection so that you'll know which blasters I have.(some of this combos are just for tacti-coolness and are not practical in wars) 

Customization 1:
-Tactical Light
-Recon's Light
-Longstrike barrel
-clip(any capacity) 

Customization 2: This is a rather weird combo :P
-Spectre Barrel
-Stampede Sheild
-18 Dart Clip

Customization 3: (a useful customization)
-Glow in the dark 18dart clip
-Pinpoint Sight
-Ammo Rail

 Customization 4:
-25 Dart Drum Mag
-Elite PPS
-N-strike PPS
-Stockade's Stock
-Elite Bandolier Strap
Customization 5: (Request from a Youtube user,'minecraftstones')
-Elite Pinpoint Sight
-Spectre Barrel
Customization 6:
-Stampede Bi-pod
-Pinpoint Sight
-GITD 18 Dart Clip

Customization 7:
-Stampede Bipod
-Ammo Rail
-4 x 6 Dart Clips

 Customization 8
-N-Strike Pinpoint Sight
-Retaliator Stock
-Maverick/Retaliator Barrel Integration (optional)
Customization 9:
-Nitron Scope
Customization 10:
-Barrel Break IX-2
-N-strike Pinpoint Sight

Customization 11:(Request from Max Russell)
-Spectre Barrel
-N-strike Pinpoint Sight

Customization 12:
-40 Disc Drum
-Praxis Stock
-Longshot Scope
Customization 13^
Customization 14^
Customization 15^
Customization 16
-Elite Alpha Trooper
-Stockade Stock
-Elite Pinpoint Sight

In the section Load-outs, I'll show you guys some load-outs that may interest you if you're going for a war and do not know what to bring...
Load-Out 1: Stuff you'll need for this loadout...
-small bag(blast sheild ,furyfire and snapfire inside) 
-bag of darts
-vision gear/glasses
- longstrike(with barrel and sight)
 -one 18 and 6 dart clip
Recommendation for: Stock wars
Pros:Very mobile load out. Quick Reload for on the go action.

Cons: Little ammo.You will run out of ammo very quickily.

Load-Out 2: Stuff you'll need for this loadout...
-Lots of clips!
-Lost of darts!
-Stampede Bi-Pod
-Bandolier Kit
-Quick Release Belt
Recommendation for: Stock/NIC(If your stampede is modded)
Pros:Good ROF.Tons of ammo.

Cons:Lack of accuracy.More for a CQB.

This is the load-out which helped me to claim a victory against my friend. Video can be!
Load-Out 3:
-Stampede Sheild
-two 6 dart clips
Recommendation for: Stock /NIC Wars(If your Longshot is modded)
Pros: Good range
Cons:No bags/holsters.You'll run out of ammo very quickly into the game.

This is a very useful load out,especially when your in a battle which needs good ROF.
Load-Out 4:
-one 18 dart clips
-Bandolier Strap
-Pouch with elite darts
Recommendation for: Stockwars
Pros:High ROF.Quick reloading for on the go action.High ammo storage.Mobile and light load-out

Cons:The range will not be high if you're using the blasters in stock form.Also,because the Primary blaster is a flywheel system,the accuracy level will be decreased.

This would be my load-out for an upcoming war.
Load-Out 5:
-Modded Recon/Retaliator (Primary)
-Modded Nitefinder (Secondary)
-3 18 dart clips
-1 Elite Bandolier Strap (holding extra darts too)
-Mash bag (To hold the 18 dart clips after their emptied)
Recommended for: NIC Wars/Lightly Modified Wars

Pros: High ammo capacity.Good Secondary blaster
Cons:18 dart clips are bulky from time to time.Recon is not accurate.Frequent jamming too.
More on this particular loadout can be found here.

Load-Out 6:

-Retaliator Stock
-Spectre Barrel
-Elite Pinpoint Sight
-Stampede Bipod 
-Three 18 dart clip, One 12 dart clip
-Firestrike (Secondary)
-Tactical Vest 
-Bandolier Strap
-Small Bag for used clips
The review of this loadout can be found here
Load-out 7:
-Pyragon (Primary)
-Praxis Stock

-Elite Bandolier Strap
-Pyragon Drum
-Lots of discs
-Slydev Slingpoint

Too much information to post right here. Do check out my post here, to view more about my HvZ Loadout! :)
Check out the loadout right here!
In the section tips, I'll give you guys tips on how to trick your friend in a war and stuff. Keep coming back to this section once in a while to find out interesting stuff you never knew! :)

Tip1: There's a little trolling involved in this one :) Firstly, you must be playing in a small area with lots of walls.When you and your opponent are very close to each other, take off one shoe that you're wearing and place it at the edge of the wall. Run behind your opponent and finish him off! This will work because your opponent will think that you are still behind the wall as your shoe is still there! Have fun trolling and winning! :D

Tip 2:  The Recon and Praxis stocks are cool looking stock, but the problem is that they're really flimsy. When you add pressure to the stock, the stock bends. Picture above explains it all... yes, it may look kinda weird, but it sure helps you to stabilize your shots and to stop your stock from bending. Do note that this works on all blasters which are long enough, e.g Longstrike,Longshot,Raider.

Tip 3: The video pretty much explains it all. Just follow the video, and make sure everything is lined up properly :) 

Tip4: I've written an entire post dedicated just for this tip,tip 4.It's about choosing your load-out.How to choose a good load-out,since load-outs play a huge role in helping you win a Nerf war. Click Here to read the post which I made for Tip 4.[This is a very useful tip! :)]

Tip 5: If you're planning to charge at your opponent which  consists of a big group of people.Don't charge alone.Charge with your team mates.This will strike confusion in your opponents.

Tip-6: Refrain from dry firing your blaster.Dry firing your blaster will spoil your blaster overtime.

Tip-7: Make sure your blasters are not primed when they are put away for storage.

Tip-8:If you are storing your electronic blaster somewhere for a long time,and you're not going to use it,take out the batteries in it.

Tip-9: Refrain from letting your blasters/accessories/stuff have contact with excess amount of sunlight. Too much sunlight causes your things' colour to fade away.

When you are planning to charge at your opponent, do it when they are reloading.

Tip-11: *Safety tip* do not point the blaster towards your/anyone's eyes

Tip-12: Make sure you hydrate yourself before every game!

Tip-13:  Take out your darts/discs from your clips when you're not using them. Storing darts/discs in clips for a long period of time will wear out the clip's spring, which will cause jams.

Tip-14: Bring as little things as you can. Bulkiness will slow you down, and irritate the hell out of you.

Tip-15: *Saftey tip* Do not try to do funny stunts that might cause accidents


  1. How about a yellow Longshot with a Spectre barrel attachment and a N-Strike PPS? I've been considering making a nicely modded Longshot (I have the OMW Longshot Immortal kit sitting here in its box) but I want to make sure it's going to look cool before I commit the money to it.

  2. do you ever think of investing in airsoft gear like a simple vest to hold all your magazines? something like this,

    1. Nope,not at the moment.My Elite Tactical Vest is holding up just fine.But that vest you linked me to looks cool though!

  3. I have a jolt in my pocket. Also there good in small spaces.

  4. 1. stryfe with spectre barrel and stockade stock and six dart mag
    2.if you ever get an EAT, EAT with spectre shoulder stock
    Thanks, Tony

  5. I really like and was inspired by this page of your blog. NERF ON NERFER!